Eversheds Sutherland Consulting Launches New Matter Lifecycle Management Solution in Collaboration with Repstor

New digital offering, built exclusively for the Microsoft 365/SharePoint platform, empowers legal teams with sophisticated legal matter management

Eversheds Sutherland’s consulting arm has today launched a matter lifecycle management solution for legal teams, ES / Unity – Powered by Repstor. This new product combines Eversheds Sutherland Consulting ‘Unity’ system and the ‘Custodian’ platform developed by leading email and document management software experts Repstor. ES/Unity will support legal teams tasked with driving innovation and efficiency in online legal matter and document management allowing them to leverage a complete matter lifecycle management solution built exclusively for the M365 / SharePoint platform. ES / Unity delivers scalable and sophisticated Management Information (MI) for legal teams and is deployable practically anywhere in the world.

Head of Eversheds Sutherland Consulting Graham Richardson commented:
“We work with many legal teams to help them find innovative new ways to drive efficiencies and operational effectiveness and, although many realise the need for better technology tools, they find it hard to find the right provider and right price. ES / Unity is built by lawyers for lawyers and provides a slick matter management solution that is cost effective and, crucially, easy to implement.”

To provide the new offering, Eversheds Sutherland Consulting will enter into a joint venture with UK-based software provider Repstor. The solution will be delivered collaboratively by Eversheds Sutherland Consulting and Repstor. Built exclusively for the Microsoft SharePoint/M365 platform and offering native integration into Microsoft Outlook, the software has been designed from the outset to be Cloud ready but also have the flexibility to be deployed on client’s own networks if required. Eversheds Sutherland Consulting will focus on project management and working with clients to maximise the business benefits of using legal matter management technology, with Repstor providing the technical software expertise.

CEO of Repstor Alan McMillen added:
“We are very excited about the collaboration with Eversheds Sutherland Consulting. We are confident in the power and capability of our software platform which through this joint venture, we now have the opportunity to propel to the next level. Together we can leverage the extensive knowledge that Graham and the team have built of the legal sector alongside our own significant software and digital expertise in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint technologies. We are committed to offering legal teams an innovative new solution that meets their requirements not just now but also in the future.”

About Eversheds Sutherland (International)
Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP provides legal services to a global client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest multinationals. With more than 2,300 lawyers, the firm operates in 55 offices across 28 jurisdictions. In addition, a network of over 200 related law firms, including formalized alliances in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa, provide support across the globe.
Eversheds Sutherland (International) LLP is part of a global legal practice, operating through various separate and distinct legal entities, under Eversheds Sutherland. For a full description of the structure and a list of offices, please visit www.eversheds-sutherland.com.

Global top 40 law firm deploys Repstor custodian for legal™ to deliver matter management on Microsoft 0ffice 365

Eversheds Sutherland is one of the world’s leading international law firms. It brings together 2,300 legal professionals to provide legal services coordinated from 61 offices in 29 countries.
The firm’s international prestige relies on the ability to assemble the best legal professionals and subject experts for the matter in hand, wherever they may be located. For each fee-earner to work efficiently, he or she must be able to access and share case documentation readily across locations.

This is especially true for Eversheds Sutherlands’ UK-based Ignite team which brings together experts dynamically for fast-turnover legal work. This is an important and growing area of the business. Due to the short turnaround times, service levels (SLAs) for this type of work are closely measured.
“We need the best people in our network to be able to be fully productive and empowered with everything they need wherever they are,” explains Graham Richardson, a partner at the firm. This has presented some practical challenges however. “Traditional document management is very location-specific, relying on servers based in particular offices,” he notes.
Exploiting Office 365 for matter management.

At the British Legal Technology Forum in May 2016, Eversheds Sutherland’s UK IT team met Microsoft Gold partner Repstor. The company specialises in matter and email management solutions that work natively within Microsoft Office, Office 365 and SharePoint.

“They certainly got my attention,” says Dale Bradbury, Eversheds Sutherlands’ head of applications in the UK. “I had worked successfully with SharePoint in previous organisations and seen it develop as a platform over the years, but for matter management it was missing some key usability and interface features that were holding it back. Repstor had identified and filled those gaps! This is particularly true when taken in context with the broader Office 365 platform.”

Click HERE to read the full case study. 

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Microsoft Outlook Integration to Multiple ECM Repositories

Give access to ALL your content from within Outlook

Repstor affinityTM is designed around the user, delivering a familiar and superior experience when accessing multiple ECM repositories.  affinity provides a single, familiar and consistent user interface regardless of the content system being accessed. Different repositories appear as different folder structures within Microsoft Outlook. Repstor affinity is designed to integrate with ECM repositories easily – we use a powerful plugin model which allows us to include the most important functionality from each ECM system.

Current Repository Support includes:

Benefits of affinityTM multi-repository integration:

  • Provides consistent access to multiple ECM Systems:  In an ideal world, an organization would have a single ECM repository for all content.  However, legacy systems, departmental systems and individual ECM system’s niche functionality mean that most organizations have multiple content systems in active use.  With Repstor affinity you can provide consistent access to all content systems, avoiding confusing user interfaces and impacting Outlook performance and usability.
  • Easy transition between ECM Systems: Often, choosing a new ECM system results in a costly migration project to move information from previous systems to the new system.  With Repstor affinity multi-repository support, you can provide access to both the old and new systems through a consistent interface.  Repositories can also be made read-only to help the transition using configuration settings.
  • Delivers a simple, consistent user interface:  Repstor affinity is designed to maintain the usability of Microsoft Outlook.  This includes minimizing confusing new interfaces, ensuring that Outlook performance is not impacted, and providing additional functionality (like filing assistance) when normal Outlook functionality is not sufficient.  All of the affinity supported repositories maintain this design philosophy.
  • Offline access to content: Today’s users require access to content when convenient to them.  They cannot wait on slow networks, or slow servers or until they are back in the office.  affinity provides access to content from multiple repositories when on and offline.  All saving and retrieving from the content system is done in the background to avoid impacting the user’s experience.

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Microsoft Outlook Integration to HighQ Collaborate

Managing your HighQ Collaborate content from within Outlook

Repstor affinity leads the ECM market with its extensive integration to multiple repositories. The affinityTM HighQ Connector provides users with easy access to your HighQ repository through the Microsoft Outlook interface. This allows organizations to unify internal and external collaboration in one secure space that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Repstor affinity connector for HighQ is ideally suited to scenarios where you want to provide users with a single point of access from within Outlook to all content from the HighQ, Microsoft SharePoint, HP TRIM, iManage Work® (previously HP/Autonomy WorkSite) or other repository supported by Repstor affinity. This is especially useful for large legal firms who use HighQ Collaborate as an external team collaboration tool.

Benefits of affinity HighQ Collaborate integration:

  • Simple to use client providing easy and efficient access to HighQ Collaborate repository content for users
  • Access HighQ content within a folder hierarchy in Outlook – available on and offline. Repstor affinity HighQ connector is a full offline client, providing full access, addition and editing while offline. This allows users to have full browsing capability of content in the HighQ repository both online and offline
  • Use Repstor affinity to copy or transfer documents between the HighQ repository and other existing repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, iManage Work® or HP TRIM.
  • Add Files or Emails to HighQ Collaborate from Outlook: Users can Quick File or drag and drop content from their Windows desktop, Windows Explorer, Outlook folders, and similar applications to HighQ locations, or may choose to add documents via the affinity add document function.
  • Notification of added or updated content: Users can keep track of content within multiple repository sites. affinity will use standard unread notifications to flag new or updated content.

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Microsoft Outlook Integration to HP Records Manager or TRIM

Managing your HP Records Manager/TRIM content from within Outlook.

Repstor affinityTM provides all your users easy access to HP Records Manager/TRIM® content through a fast, efficient interface with Microsoft Outlook.

HP Records Manager/TRIM folders and records are presented within the folder structure of Microsoft Outlook – allowing the user to browse the hierarchy and view records within Outlook.   Users can add new records by drag and drop, or through the Repstor assist Quick File option.

Users benefit from a simple, consistent view of their Records Manager/TRIM information that allows them to add, edit and retrieve content from Records Manager/TRIM when on or offline.  Repstor affinity maintains Outlook efficiency – it is designed to provide access to HP TRIM without slowing or impacting normal Outlook use. The performance of Microsoft Outlook is not affected.

The Repstor affinity Records Manager/TRIM connector is ideally suited to scenarios where you want to provide access to Records Manager/TRIM for all your users, or you want users to access Records Manager/TRIM in combination with another content repository such as SharePoint.

Benefits of affinity Records Manager/TRIM integration:

  • Simple to use client providing efficient access to Records Manager/TRIM for all your users
  • Records Manager/TRIM folders, and records available directly within Outlook
  • Full offline client for Records Manager/TRIM content.
  • Add, edit and view documents from Records Manager/TRIM through the Outlook client (on or offline)
  • View and edit properties of Records Manager/TRIM documents (on or offline)
  • Easy filing of new records to HP Records Manager/TRIM folders with Repstor assist
  • Forward Records Manager/TRIM records and reply to emails directly from within Outlook.
  • Copy documents between the Records Manager/TRIM repository and other Repstor affinity repositories such as SharePoint

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Increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust delivers integrated health and social care to 340,000 people in Belfast and part of the Borough of Castlereagh. It also provides specialist services to all of Northern Ireland.

With an annual budget of approximately £1bn (spending about £3m each day) and a staff of 20,000, it is one of the largest Trusts in the United Kingdom

With over 100 projects running in parallel the administration and filing of related communications and documentation was a major productivity drain. The process was prone to manual mistakes with content being difficult and time consuming to locate.


  • Increasing Productivity
  • Offline Access
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness


  • Time Spent Filing down 87% (replacing the previously tedious process)
  • More complete record due to ease of filing – 20% more relevant content is being filed
  • Significantly less time spent looking for Content

“Repstor’s approach is fundamentally different. In designing their affinity product, they have thought about what users expect from Outlook and what they want and need from a SharePoint system within Outlook. The product is built to minimize disruption to the user experience and encourage user adoption of SharePoint. The result is that our users are able to easily meet the PMO requirements for keeping their documentation and correspondence up to date and complete with significantly less effort and much better consistency,”

Andrew Palmer, Head of PMO, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.

Click HERE to read the full case study. 


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Global Professional Services Firm Deploys Repstor ECM Adoption Software In A Highly Regulated Environment

The client is one of the largest global professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

  • Part of a global network of professional services firms with around 150,000 staff working together in 150 countries worldwide
  • Needs to collaborate frequently to share knowledge and maintain productivity across their extensive and remote workforce
  • Wanted to enable co-existence of legacy ECM systems for a transition period to minimize migration pains

The German operation of this global firm operates within a highly regulated environment. The firm had a requirement to promote productivity and increase collaboration in the field while facilitating a migration and switch over to Microsoft SharePoint from legacy ECM systems.

Given the nature of the client’s business there was a high volume of content being generated and acquired in the field. Users could be working on a variety of engagements at any one time and are often in remote client locations. They needed to be able to file content accurately and quickly whether on or offline and harvest audit content when appropriate.

The operation also had a number of legacy systems deployed to meet the needs of the individual departments which were reaching end of life and requiring significant upgrades to allow the use of the later versions of Microsoft Office which were the office tools of choice for the workforce. Facing significant upgrade costs the decision was made to deploy a single ECM platform to meet all needs across departments with SharePoint 2013 forming the core of the platform.


  • High volumes of content being acquired in the field
  • Legacy systems, content and processes to continue to be used
  • Need to minimise change and maintain productivity
  • Frequent team collaboration on engagement content, often by remote users
  • Users spend large proportion of their time on customer sites/out of the office


  • Cost avoidance: Significant cost avoidance by avoiding the need to upgrade legacy platforms to work with new Microsoft Client
  • User adoption: The client has seen the users embrace the new system in their everyday tasks. Users can access the new SharePoint repository from Microsoft Outlook and have needed no training on the system as it works exactly like Outlook folders. At the same time users have retained access to legacy content stored in the legacy ECM systems.
  • Compliance: Repstor affinity enables compliance related content to be easily captured and shared, as and when needed, on or offline.
  • Click HERE to read the full case study. 


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The Road to ECM is Paved with Good Intentions

Throughout this white paper we look at the options that organisations consider and the paths often taken when implementing ECM systems. We look at why these paths are pursued and the resulting outcomes.

The ‘Road to ECM Hell’ is paved with customers, software vendors and impementers, all trying their best and with the best of intentions, but failing to provide a solution that works.

This white paper looks at why that happens and presents some insights to success.

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PMO Brochure

Email and Document Management for Project Management Offices

Working in a Project Management Office (PMO) and looking for better ways to make Project Management in your organization more consistent, auditable and efficient?  If so, then read about our solution for PMOs by clicking on the datasheet below.

Find out more here. 

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affinity Brochure

Multi-repository Email, Document And File Management For Microsoft Outlook

Repstor affinity provides access to Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365, other content stores and file sharing services seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook. Users can view, add and edit content whether connected to a network or not.

affinity encourages user adoption of content systems by providing a natural, familiar and intuitive way of working. The Outlook menu remains virtually unchanged, providing users with a familiar working environment and experience.


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