McAllister Olivarius deploys Repstor technologies for flexible matter management

Belfast, December 18th , 2018Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, today announced that international law firm McAllister Olivarius has selected its affinity™ and assist™ solutions, to provide direct filing of case-related emails in SharePoint Online from Outlook.

The firm had migrated its office productivity, document management and collaboration tools to the cloud, adopting Microsoft SharePoint Online within Microsoft Office 365 (O365) as its new standardised application platform. However, McAllister Olivarius needed a way of organising and filing case related documents and emails.

This meant introducing a complete and reliable record of all correspondence, all retained in – and easily accessible from – a single central place. Repstor provides this platform and extends the powerful collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint with a matter-centric collaboration and document management solution for legal matter management.

“Repstor has a very stable product which I can see becoming the de facto option for legal matter management in SharePoint Online,” explains Honza Cervenka, IT project manager, McAllister Olivarius. “The experience feels very familiar and intuitive to users, and the software is highly versatile. It’s also backed up by a great level of local support.”

An early trial confirmed that Repstor affinity and assist were a good fit, and supplemented SharePoint Online’s built-in browser interface well. The solution was deployed rapidly, thanks to Repstor’s specialist product consultants.

Next, the firm is due to trial Repstor’s mobile solution and Honza is enthusiastic about the potential for McAllister Olivarius team members to use Repstor’s email filing and access capabilities on the move: “As we are an international firm, our fee earners travel a lot, so having the ability to file case-related correspondence between locations will be invaluable in keeping our lawyers productive and in the loop,” adds Honza.

“We are delighted that another international law firm is benefitting from the flexibility, security and ease-of-use provided by Repstor,” comments Sheila Gormley, Global Head of Repstor’s Legal Solutions Division. “It further demonstrates how we are disrupting the market in legal matter management, allowing McAllister Olivarius to fully benefit from the wider suite of Microsoft’s cloud offerings.”

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Repstor Unveils New Mobile Content Management Suite

On-the-go filing will improve productivity, collaboration and compliance as nomadic information workers process email and documents outside the office

AIIM Forum 2017- June 21st, 2017 –Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint and Office 365 investments, today launched a new mobile content management suite providing improved continuity for information workers on the go.

By making it easier and more intuitive for nomadic employees to correctly file email and documents when out of the office, the new addition to Repstor’s content management suite will boost productivity, collaboration and compliance.

Based on Repstor’s content categorisation technology, assist™, the new mobile application gives information workers intelligent, accurate and intuitive email and document filing and categorisation on the go, from any device.
“If mobile knowledge work is to be more collaborative than just sending and receiving emails, we need to make it easier for users to file more efficiently on the go,” commented Repstor’s CTO, Fergus Wilson.

With improving high-speed mobile coverage, employees can now use their devices for much more than simply checking email when out of the office. “But this can play havoc with information management,” Fergus said. “Unless mobile activity is an extension of people’s desktop systems, or they engage in follow-up admin at some later time, there is a risk that emails and attachments will not be filed correctly – and it’s too easy to forget when back in the office.”

Crucially, users don’t have to open a second application or take special actions to file their emails or attachments from their mobiles: they can do this directly from within their usual mobile mail application.

“This offers a good safeguard against inconsistent filing,” Fergus explained. “Users can now do this correctly first time, wherever they are – without any fuss, and without interrupting what they’re doing.”

Repstor’s assisted filing capability can be used with a wide variety of popular content management and file sharing applications – such as SharePoint, HP CM, Box and even file shares.

The company has also introduced a mobile app for its custodian™ case management solution, designed specifically for legal professionals using Office 365 and SharePoint. This offers intuitive mobile access and browsing and filing of cases and legal matters on the go.

To find out more, visit the Repstor stand at AIIM Forum 2017.

Repstor to Launch New Mobile Content Management Suite at AIIM Forum 2017

New mobile offering is a market-first for intelligent and accurate ‘on the move’ content filing and showcases an intuitive mobile browser for matter management

March 23rd, 2017 –Repstor, the ECM adoption company that helps businesses exploit their SharePoint and Office 365 investments, has announced that it will launch its new mobile suite at the upcoming AIIM Forum 2017.

Giving Information Workers content access and collaboration from any device and any location, the new Repstor mobile offering will revolutionise access to case and content management systems.

Explaining the motivation behind the new mobile content management suite, Repstor’s CTO, Fergus Wilson commented, “Giving information workers sophisticated mobile access to information that enables them to file emails intelligently and accurately, for example, is a non-trivial task. Yet it is an essential capability if they are truly to ‘work’ on the move. Based on our content categorisation technology, assist™ we are providing information workers intelligent, accurate email filing and categorisation on the go, from any device.”

Repstor has also chosen the AIIM Forum 2017 event to showcase its new mobile app for Repstor for custodian™, an intuitive case management solution for SharePoint and Office 365. The new app delivers mobile access and browsing of cases and legal matters on the go.

The AIIM Forum UK is a FREE independent event brought to you by AIIM International, to deliver thought leadership, market insights and expert advice through a one-day programme of educational seminars and a major showcase of the latest information management innovations. Registration is free.

See you at the AIIM Forum 2017 on June 21st in London. Drop by the Repstor stand. Welcome to Mobile Content Management

Global top 40 law firm deploys Repstor custodian for legal™ to deliver matter management on Microsoft 0ffice 365

Eversheds Sutherland is one of the world’s leading international law firms. It brings together 2,300 legal professionals to provide legal services coordinated from 61 offices in 29 countries.
The firm’s international prestige relies on the ability to assemble the best legal professionals and subject experts for the matter in hand, wherever they may be located. For each fee-earner to work efficiently, he or she must be able to access and share case documentation readily across locations.

This is especially true for Eversheds Sutherlands’ UK-based Ignite team which brings together experts dynamically for fast-turnover legal work. This is an important and growing area of the business. Due to the short turnaround times, service levels (SLAs) for this type of work are closely measured.
“We need the best people in our network to be able to be fully productive and empowered with everything they need wherever they are,” explains Graham Richardson, a partner at the firm. This has presented some practical challenges however. “Traditional document management is very location-specific, relying on servers based in particular offices,” he notes.
Exploiting Office 365 for matter management.

At the British Legal Technology Forum in May 2016, Eversheds Sutherland’s UK IT team met Microsoft Gold partner Repstor. The company specialises in matter and email management solutions that work natively within Microsoft Office, Office 365 and SharePoint.

“They certainly got my attention,” says Dale Bradbury, Eversheds Sutherlands’ head of applications in the UK. “I had worked successfully with SharePoint in previous organisations and seen it develop as a platform over the years, but for matter management it was missing some key usability and interface features that were holding it back. Repstor had identified and filled those gaps! This is particularly true when taken in context with the broader Office 365 platform.”

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assist Brochure

Assisted Filing For Email And Document Content

Repstor assist provides filing assistance for users who need to file documents and emails into ECM systems like SharePoint. It makes filing fast and accurate by providing suggested locations based on existing filed content.

assist automatically suggests where content should be filed, removing the need for users to traverse large filing hierarchies or complete metadata forms to locate the correct filing locations for documents and emails.

Read more in our brochure. 

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PMO Brochure

Email and Document Management for Project Management Offices

Working in a Project Management Office (PMO) and looking for better ways to make Project Management in your organization more consistent, auditable and efficient?  If so, then read about our solution for PMOs by clicking on the datasheet below.

Find out more here. 

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Repstor Helps Organisations Maximise their Microsoft Investment with Latest Content Management Tools at AIIM UK Forum, London

Repstor is showcasing the new product features at the AIIM Forum in London on 22nd June.

London, 22 June 2016

Leading ECM adoption specialist Repstor, today announced the launch of the latest version of its Outlook content management tools Repstor affinityTM and assist 3.3. 

Repstor is showcasing the new product features at the AIIM Forum in London on 22nd June. Repstor products are perfect for users who spend a lot of time in Microsoft® Outlook® and want to manage all of their content from there, as its seamless integration with Outlook means the products are simple and easy to use, creating happy users.

Using Repstor affinity and assist enables users to file emails and documents accurately into their chosen repository directly from Outlook – without asking them to learn anything new. Repstor products plug straight into Outlook and leverage all the features of SharePoint or other ECM system, but in an on-screen environment familiar to users. They don’t slow down Outlook’s performance and because they are easy to use, people use them.

Advanced Filing

With release 3.3 Repstor has taken filing to a new level. With Jump to folder and Quick File finding and filing information has always been easy.  However, now you have even more options by allowing you to search for a parent level folder and then browse its child folders in the search window.

The Quick File and Jump to Folder dialogs now support expanding any folders from search results, recent locations or Repstor assist suggested locations. This allows users to locate a folder and then drill down to lower levels to identify the correct folder to use.

Document Template Creation

Repstor assist now gives users the ability to create Placeholders. Placeholders provide basic document generation for documents created within Repstor affinity.  They help users to create documents consistently and use the properties associated with individual users, departments, clients, projects etc. by creating a template that can then be inserted into Word documents and/or updated in bulk with their current values. Repstor assist now provides the ability to sync SharePoint lists of individual user placeholders.

Comparison Everywhere – further extending Repstor and Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Repstor affinity and assist provide enhanced email and content management by providing deep integration with Office 365 and the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint products. In addition to the ability to compare the contents of two affinity documents in Word and convert documents accessed from affinity to Adobe PDF directly from Microsoft Word, users can now also compare Word documents with their previous SharePoint versions within affinity. When filing Word documents to a Repstor folder affinity will now notify users if there’s a matching file and provide an option to compare the documents.  Customers can also integrate this with more advanced comparison applications if required.

Improved Repository Support

Repstor affinity 3.3 adds to the already extensive multiple repository support provided by extending the existing support for HPE Content Manager, formerly Records Manager to include:

  • Full support for the new HPE Content Manager service API
  • Search and add classifications as a set of folders in affinity
  • Prompt for the Record Type when adding folders

Click here to request a demo of affinity and assist release 3.3

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About Repstor
Repstor was created to inspire ECM Adoption. We are dedicated to developing products that enable collaboration and compliance for the Outlook-centric workforce. Repstor’s products make access to content systems easy and intuitive for users, by providing access to them within the familiar interface of Microsoft® Outlook®.   By making access to the content system easy and intuitive for users, we overcome the main cause of failed deployments of ECM systems – failure of users to adopt the system.

Our products are ideal for mobile, remote and semi-disconnected users especially in industries like Professional Services, Legal, Oil and Gas, Public Sector and other regulated industries.  We significantly reduce change management costs when rolling out systems, improve ROI for existing systems, and fully support Microsoft Office 365.

Repstor and CompanyNet will be joined by Hymans Robertson at AIIM Forum

Barry Smart, IT Director at Hymans Robertson is confirmed….

London, 26th May 2016

Barry Smart, IT Director at leading pensions, benefits, and risk consultancy Hymans Robertson, will be joining Repstor and CompanyNet on stage at this year’s AIIM Forum UK on 22nd June, Ibis London Earls Court (ILEC).

In the session, Barry will talk about their newly implemented Client Information Management (CIM) system which has transformed the way they record, manage and use information about their customers, enabling them to better manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Barry is confirmed to talk alongside Repstor and CompanyNet. CompanyNet, a leading business solutions provider implemented the solution at Hymans Robertson. Repstor is an ECM Adoption specialist, whose affinity and CRM Link products have been deployed in Hymans Robertson as part of the CIM solution. The session will provide insight on how the CIM system has been designed to help Hymans Robertson enrich the overall customer experience.

Barry Smart PR_smallBarry is delighted to be talking about his insight into this exciting programme, “CIM is all about delivering a great service to our clients, by harnessing the latest technology to transform the way we record and manage information across the end to end lifecycle.



Andy headshot PR_smallAndy Hamilton, CEO at CompanyNet, is especially excited about this year’s event, “This will be our second year at AIIM Forum UK having become an AIIM Member earlier this year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase such a successful project and we are delighted Barry will be joining us on stage to talk about CIM and the exciting innovation that is being rolled out to their organisation.”


Repstor team“We are a regular sponsor of the AIIM UK event and are looking forward to a successful show. We are excited to be joined this year by CompanyNet and Barry from Hymans Robertson to share this success story and the ease with which the Repstor products have been deployed as part of this project ensuring end user productivity and adoption,” said Alan McMillen, CEO at Repstor.


AIIM Forum UK is a must attend event for information professionals that regularly attracts over 300 attendees. The theme of this year’s forum is “Time to Transform Your Information Processes”. If you are attending, please visit Repstor at stand 7 and CompanyNet at stand 13 for more information and a chance to see CIM for yourself.

About Hymans Robertson LLP 
Founded in 1921, Hymans Robertson is one of the longest established independent actuarial firms in the UK. We deliver a full range of services including actuarial, investment consulting, enterprise risk management, third-party pensions administration and communications consulting. Our client base includes FTSE 100, FTSE 250, privately owned firms and financial institutions. We’re also recognised leaders in the field of public sector pensions. For more information see

About CompanyNet
CompanyNet is a leading independent software-based solutions company that continues to build upon two decades of experience at the front line of technology, with our distinct expertise. We are passionate about what we do and have a professional pride, acute attention to detail, track record for delivery, and exemplary levels of customer satisfaction with a reputation for excellence.

We are dedicated to building upon and extensively customise proven Microsoft platform to help enable our customers to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer service to gain competitive advantage. We build upon technologies (SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and SQL Server) to develop a uniquely-fitting solution for your organisation and its requirements.

CompanyNet is flying the flag as Scotland’s only Gold accredited Dynamics CRM partner as well as acquiring Europe’s first gold level in both Dynamics CRM and SharePoint; making us, as Microsoft would say, “trusted experts using innovative technology supported by Microsoft.”

For more information please visit:

About Repstor
Repstor was created to inspire ECM Adoption. We are dedicated to developing products that enable collaboration and compliance for the Outlook-centric workforce. Repstor’s products make access to content systems easy and intuitive for users, by providing access to them within the familiar interface of Microsoft® Outlook®.   By making access to the content system easy and intuitive for users, we overcome the main cause of failed deployments of ECM systems – failure of users to adopt the system.

Our products are ideal for mobile, remote and semi-disconnected users especially in industries like Professional Services, Legal, Oil and Gas, Public Sector and other regulated industries.  We significantly reduce change management costs when rolling out systems, improve ROI for existing systems, and fully support Microsoft Office 365.

Repstor ECM Adoption software to be deployed across Premier Oil Plc global operations

January 12th, 2014 – Belfast – Leading ECM Adoption specialist, Repstor today announced that Premier Oil – a FTSE250 international oil and gas exploration and production company has selected and is deploying Repstor affinity and Repstor assist across its global operations to underpin its document and records management programs and to ensure adoption of their newly deployed ECM platform (Microsoft SharePoint).

Premier Oil is headquartered in the UK with operations across the globe, and with the need to meet regulatory requirements and ensure productivity across a widely spread and diverse workforce they have selected Repstor to ensure that users across the organization can move to the new platform while minimizing change management and training requirements.

In a selection process that included evaluation of several competing products, Repstor affinity and assist were the clear winner in every important area of functionality. Highlighted in the evaluation were, ease of use, depth of integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office, email filing and management, performance and stability, support for search, ease of enterprise-wide deployment and offline working. Availability of filing assistance (the Repstor assist product) was also key, to ensure users could file content correctly with significantly improved productivity.

In selecting Repstor Premier Oil recognized that by providing a very effective and easily adopted Outlook client it could increase user adoption of its Microsoft® SharePoint® ECM systems, and improve collaboration, ultimately cutting costs.

Premier Oil chose Repstor because it provided a level of product integration, ease of use and performance in a product that was ready for deployment across the enterprise.

“During our evaluation, the Repstor product delivered what we were looking for: management of documents and emails using a familiar interface (Microsoft® Outlook®) with minimal change to our users’ routine.” Andy Gibb, Group Legal Manager, Premier Oil Plc.

“For our legal and project users in particular this is a key selection, since email is the key content type for lawyers and project managers, and the fact that in our evaluation the Repstor assist product made email filing and access faster and easier rather than slowing the process down by prompting for additional information.” adds Andy.

Premier Oil staff will have a much more user friendly way of working and collaborating on projects using Repstor affinityTM. Not only that but users have information available quickly when they need it whether on or offline making collaboration both easier and more productive.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at Premier Oil and that their evaluation clearly highlighted the benefits around the areas where we have focused in developing the Repstor products” Alan McMillen CEO, Repstor Limited

Supporting Resources:
For more information on the affinity product visit:
For more information on Repstor’s Project Content Management solution visit:
To download a free trial of the affinity product visit:

About Premier Oil
Premier is a UK based independent international oil and gas exploration and production company. It has three core businesses centered on South East Asia, the North Sea and Pakistan. It strategy is to grow the underlying reserves and cash flow through acquisitions, developments and exploration in its core areas where it brings particular strengths. It is a leading playing in the Singapore gas market; it is developing oilfields in new oil basins in Vietnam and recently acquired significant producing and development interests in the UK.