Repstor Announces CRM Link – the Dynamics CRM and ECM connector for Office 365®

Repstor announces the launch of its newest addition to the Repstor suite of products, Repstor CRM Link, at AIIM Forum UK.

AIIM Forum UK, London, 24 June 2015

At AIIM Forum UK, Repstor today announced the launch of its newest addition to the Repstor suite of products, Repstor CRM Link, the Dynamics CRM and ECM connector for Microsoft Office 365®.

Repstor CRM Link* provides users with a secure and fast link to Dynamics CRM and SharePoint (or other ECM Systems) from within Microsoft Outlook.

CRM Link enables users to associate emails quickly and easily with Dynamics CRM records or entities from Microsoft Outlook without ever leaving the Outlook interface. Repstor CRM Link helps users manage customer information and correspondence using Dynamics CRM from Microsoft Outlook without affecting the performance of Outlook.

Keeping track of client or customer related tasks and content such as emails, documents, marketing or sales activities and external correspondence can be time consuming and something that is often left until a later date, or indeed overlooked. This affects the ability of the organization and team members to access an accurate and up to date client profile at any time and can result in users missing critical details related to a client. Repstor CRM Link helps address these issues by providing a client management tool that is integrated into Outlook and accessible from the Outlook interface, the place users prefer to work.

By using Repstor affinity and custodian with CRM Link users are able to associate CRM records or entities with SharePoint Sites and Libraries (and other ECM information). SharePoint Sites and Libraries can be automatically provisioned based on the creation of CRM Records. Organizational information is shared between the user’s Outlook, Dynamics CRM and ECM systems cutting down on the need for users to manually update each system individually.

CTO, Repstor“CRM Link provides users with an easy-to-use client management tool that they can access directly from Microsoft Outlook. Users can update information on clients in Dynamics CRM and SharePoint or other ECM repositories easily without ever leaving the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface. This saves time for the user and avoids the need to update separate systems manually. Users are encouraged to keep all client information up to date. With accurate information available easily, the productivity of all team members increases,” said Fergus Wilson, CTO, Repstor.

Repstor CRM Link provides the following benefits:

  • Outlook integrated Client exploiting Repstor affinity
  • Surface CRM related documents in Outlook
  • Efficient Outlook integration – no slowdown to Outlook
  • Utilises Repstor Provisioning for Flexible Provisioning of SharePoint to support CRM Objects
  • CRM on-line or on-premise

Your organization can now leverage your CRM and ECM system to easily and accurately manage client information and other key content while enabling users to increase their productivity by working within the familiar Microsoft Outlook Client.

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Supporting Resources:

* CRM Link was developed in collaboration with CompanyNet, a Repstor Partner.

About Repstor
Repstor was created to inspire ECM Adoption. We are dedicated to developing products that enable collaboration and compliance for the Outlook-centric workforce. Repstor’s products make access to content systems easy and intuitive for users, by providing access to them within the familiar interface of Microsoft® Outlook®.   By making access to the content system easy and intuitive for users, we overcome the main cause of failed deployments of ECM systems – failure of users to adopt the system.

Our products are ideal for mobile, remote and semi-disconnected users especially in industries like Professional Services, Legal, Oil and Gas, Public Sector and other regulated industries.  We significantly reduce change management costs when rolling out systems, improve ROI for existing systems, and fully support Microsoft Office365.

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