Make content search even Qwickr: a new Transform Data tool

Repstor’s mission, along with our partners, is to make content management and compliance as easy and intuitive as possible, driving benefits without disrupting the way people work.

So it’s great news that Transform Data has integrated its new Qwickr rapid content search tool with Repstor Affinity.

Qwickr enables users of our products to quickly locate or point colleagues to specific shared content, making it even easier to get on with the task in hand, from within Outlook.

It’s ideal for any team using Office 365, SharePoint or OneDrive for Business to save content.

Key features include:

• Instant previewing of commonly-used file types;

• Fast & unique preview functionality for emails;

• Special Grid View to filter, sort and group result sets;

• Full Microsoft Office integration to instantly open and edit files from search results or set/adjust document properties;

• The ability to save personal search actions for easy re-use;

• The ability to define and deploy specific company or departmental searches (Such as Contracts that are about to expire or Claim overviews);

• Re-run your searches since a specific time to instantly see what has changed in a specific period;

• Full support of SharePoint Search Scopes;

• Easy sharing of search results with colleagues via email.

Qwickr can also be configured to meet specific user requirements.

Commenting on the value of this targeted new search facility, Alan McMillen, Repstor’s CEO, said, “Transform Data shares our mission to make information workers’ lives easier and more productive, and Qwickr is the perfect example of this in action.”

“Being able to instantly find and point colleagues to specific content will save teams a lot of time and deter users from endlessly re-sending email attachments.

“This in turn will bring down the storage and network burden, and the risk of content duplication or the wrong versions of documents being called into play.”

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