The SharePoint Provisioning Engine

Need a provisioning engine for your custom Office 365, SharePoint Online and On-Premise solutions? Does customizing your SharePoint sites, creating lists and libraries using the Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) seem like a lot of effort? Instead of spending all that time and effort writing your own, why not use our tried and tested out-of-the-box SharePoint Provisioning Engine.

Our SharePoint Provisioning Engine is written using CSOM (the SharePoint Client-Side Object Model), providing support for SharePoint Online cloud deployments in addition to On-Premise and Hybrid environments. It provides an easy and practical way of getting a well-designed solution quickly deployed on the Office 365 platform, reducing the burden on your IT team.

Our engine performs the creation and set-up of SharePoint site collections, sites and sub-sites, lists/libraries, files and items, as well as content types, workflows, fields, views and many more customizations.

Many SharePoint developers are more familiar with the older Server-Side Object Model (SSOM). However, if you are creating a solution built on top of SharePoint Online that involves this type of provisioning then you will require a provisioning engine written using the Client-Side Object Model. In an On-Premise environment, CSOM is preferable since it provides a clear separation of concerns; your provisioning code will not be executing on the SharePoint server.

Our solution is a flexible, generic provisioning engine. It can be used to customise SharePoint storage structures containing ad-hoc content and metadata. Any custom SharePoint solution which involves the frequent creation of new Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Folders, Files and other content will benefit from the use of this scalable, tried and tested provisioning engine. Repstor has developers who are experts in CSOM and using our provisioning engine means your developers do not need to spend time writing their own while also learning about this new CSOM technology in order to successfully accomplish the task.

Our SharePoint Provisioning Engine is a highly scalable solution with a number of enterprise features such as queuing and templating. Templating can be done either from a pre-generated template or by using an existing live site or list as a template. It provides site provisioning from SharePoint Online with our hosted service in Microsoft Azure, and on-premises via a local installation.

The Repstor SharePoint Provisioning Engine will save your IT team time and minimise troubleshooting, you will be able to deploy updates, which add new functionality or contain bug fixes, easily and quickly to your solutions.

Technical features include:

  • Hierarchical provisioning, multiple levels of sites and sub sites with lists, folders, files
  • Templating from a pre-existing site or list, or a pre-saved offline definition
  • Highly scalable supporting Azure Queues and MSMQ for on-premise
  • Pluggable architecture with many entry points for customization

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration and see how we can help you to easily and quickly build and support SharePoint solutions for Office 365 and On Premise.