For eDocs

Email Management and Document Management for eDocs ECM content within Outlook. The eDocs Outlook integration.

The affinity™ eDocs Outlook integration provides users with easy access to their eDocs Content repository through the Microsoft Outlook interface for email filing and document management and supporting Outlook centric workers working with eDocs content within Outlook.

The advanced eDocs Outlook integration brings eDocs content into the Outlook UI by surfacing eDocs folders  and dynamic views as folder hierarchies in the Outlook navigation panel, retaining the Outlook way of working with the Navigation panel, Contents List panel and Preview panel all used to work with content.

Benefits of eDocs Outlook integration:

  • Ease of connection to eDocs folders and Dynamic views: Users can search for target folders / view and add to the Outlook navigation (easy setup)
  • Ability to ‘publish’ eDocs dynamic views to Repstor custodian to allow users to subscribe / unsubscribe to their eDocs structures (e.g. Matter Hierarchy) easily
  • Advanced Filing with the Repstor assist add-on, provides suggested filing locations for email and documents and also provides Luggage Tag functionality to ensure important email conversations are automatically or semi-automatically captured.
  • Easy to use client providing easy and efficient access to eDocs ECM repository content for users from Outlook
  • Full fidelity for filed Email means users can work with filed email exactly as they can with items in their inbox (forward/reply/order/filter/search and many other Outlook features are supported)
  • Provides a rich Outlook interface for both legacy and new systems in parallel giving users access to multiple systems at the same time
  • Access eDocs ECM content rendered as a folder hierarchy in Outlook – available on and offline. Repstor affinity eDocs connector is a full offline client, providing access, addition and editing while offline. This allows users to have browsing capability of content in the eDocs repository both online and offline
  • Add Files or Emails to eDocs ECM from Outlook: Users can file content from Windows Explorer, Outlook folders and similar applications to eDocs locations through Repstor affinity’s Quick File functionality or drag and drop.
  • Access eDocs document management functionality within Outlook: Users can create documents, checkout, checkin, access version history and more from within Outlook and Microsoft Office Products.
  • Use Repstor affinity to copy or transfer documents between existing/legacy repositories and the eDocs repository.