IATA Selects Custodian for Legal™ to Transform Legal Collaboration & Record Retention Globally

The Office 365-based matter management software, accessed via Outlook, will bring new order and visibility to case and content management across IATA counsel teams straddling 3 time zones

Belfast, May 14th, 2019 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, has announced that International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, has chosen Custodian for Legal™ to transform legal matter management across three different time zones by bringing new rigour and consistency to record retention and inter-region collaboration.

IATA, headquartered in Montreal, is an international organisation with over 20 lawyers spread across three regions located in Canada, Switzerland and Singapore. These dispersed teams have to collaborate on workloads despite large time differences. IATA chosen Custodian for Legal™ from Repstor and Konexo to improve visibility and consistency of matter management internationally, boost collaboration and increase record retention.

“We were looking for a better way to manage workloads and content,” says Dane Clapson, Assistant General Counsel at IATA. “Like a lot of legal teams, we wanted to find better ways to work together and collaborate amongst colleagues.”

Record retention was one issue, he explains. “We needed a tool to retain knowledge for the future and to know what the team was working on globally”.

Konexo provides legal services to IATA, introduced the Association to Custodian for Legal™. Custodian for Legal™ is a consultancy-led technology solution that was created as a joint venture between matter management software specialist Repstor and Konexo, specifically to meet the needs of corporate legal teams. It has been widely embraced across the enterprise market because it uses the familiar Microsoft Office 365 suite, and is accessed and used via Outlook, requiring no special changes to the way lawyers and administrators work.

Although IATA has only just rolled out the software, Dane reports that he has seen hours of duplication eliminated from legal work now colleagues have a clear line of sight across what matters have been referred to the legal department.

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