Global Top 4 professional services firm harnesses Repstor to enhance productivity with holistic view of client tax engagements


A Global Top 4 professional services firm has selected Repstor to enhance productivity with holistic view of client tax engagements

The Luxembourg office of one of the world’s biggest professional services firms provides a range of services including global business tax advice, risk, audit and assurance services to clients from around the world.

The company operates from multiple locations across Luxembourg. Unlike many organisations, the ability to provide continuous services was not disrupted by the pandemic, as the organisation was already set up to support remote and home working as standard.

Yet the business is always looking for new ways to drive greater efficiency, productivity and robust information compliance in its client engagements, and to provide a joined-up view of all activity that collaborating teams can rely on as the definitive view of the status of each client account.

It was this overarching aim that prompted the company to seek a solution that would more directly integrate its custom-built, SharePoint-based tax platform with client email activity, giving its team of professionals a clear line of sight across all email exchanges and related documents in one place. This would fulfil the company’s risk management requirements while simultaneously boosting team productivity.

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Salisbury chartered accounting firm Fawcetts selects Repstor as the basis for transforming its working practices

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UK200 Group peer Armstrong Watson gave Repstor for Accounting a rave review, inspiring Fawcetts to look beyond its immediate priority to improve email and document management using Outlook and SharePoint, to a roadmap for broader improvements harnessing Microsoft 365

Belfast, March 24th , 2021 – Repstor, the Microsoft 365-based information management specialist, has announced that Fawcetts, one of Salisbury’s most established chartered firms, has chosen Repstor for Accounting™ to transform its email and document management, and in due course its wider working practices.

Fawcetts is a mid-size accounting firm employing five partners, four client directors and a team of 40 highly-qualified and experienced staff, who provide a range of accountancy services to small businesses from a single office location in central Salisbury.

Although the pandemic increased the urgency around Fawcetts’ digital transformation plans, the firm had been looking for a suitable email and document management solution for several years, but had struggled to find anything “fit for purpose for the 21st century, or for accounting specifically.”

“Despite there being lots of document management solutions out there, we couldn’t find anything that would allow us to retain our existing filing structures and retain control of our own data,” says Fawcetts partner James Hayes.

That was until a peer firm recommended Repstor, which provides comprehensive content management capabilities -optimised for accounting firms – on top of Microsoft 365. James is chair of the Technology & Innovation forum at the UK200 Group of practicing chartered accountants, an active peer network that Fawcetts belongs to. When he sought advice from the network about a suitable and modern DMS, Toby Woodhead, Head of Technology at another accounting firm, Armstrong Watson, suggested Repstor based on his own recent experience.

Armstrong Watson deployed the Repstor for Accounting suite during the pandemic, and its reported benefits are already legendary in accounting circles. “Everyone has heard what they’ve done,” James says. “We had a lengthy and fascinating chat and I was left in no doubt that this was the way we needed to go. We already knew what we wanted but having this ringing endorsement from a firm that we know and trust, confirmed our choice of Repstor.”

Fawcetts had rolled out Microsoft 365 across the firm in 2020, so it made sense to build on this investment. James also wanted to minimise any potential disruption to the team, who, like most of us “groan when new software is introduced.” In both of these contexts, Repstor was the ideal solution.

“The fact that it works with Outlook is the icing on the cake,” James says. “The team won’t have to change the interface they use, or the way they file documents, but seamlessly everything will be stored in and accessed via SharePoint.

“This is a massive opportunity to improve efficiency with very little change to the way people work,” he continues. “Deploying Repstor will have an impact on profitability, improving the speed with which we can deliver, as we’ll be more organised with filing and accessing data. Clients will feel the benefits of that too.”

Fawcetts has been inspired by the broader deployment of the Repstor for Accounting suite at Armstrong Watson and aspires to many of the same applications and benefits.

“Armstrong Watson have a complete solution now – and one that gives them freedom in what they do, which is absolutely key,” James says. “They’re not tied to a particular document management supplier, haven’t had to bend what they do to suit the software, and they can access their data from anywhere: they haven’t surrendered control of their data.

“We can see ourselves doing a lot of the same things that Armstrong Watson have done or plan to do – using Repstor for fuller client engagement management and to manage Teams, for instance. Repstor gives us that roadmap, that power to revolutionise the way we work.”

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Armstrong Watson – A Repstor for Accounting Success Story

Armstrong Watson chooses Repstor’s complete suite of Microsoft 365-based ECM, Teams & client collaboration capabilities as continued lockdown prompts new ways of working.

The Repstor for Accounting™ suite is already live after a rapid, pandemic-prompted rollout, giving users access to powerful capabilities for managing Teams, mobile email and documents, and external collaboration via the tools they already use every day.

Find out why Armstrong Watson, a top-30 UK business advisory and accounting firm serving the north of England and Scotland, has selected and gone live with Repstor for Accounting™ below.

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Accelerating digital transformation post-COVID: what next?

A practical guide for professional services firms looking to consolidate their content access and collaboration capabilities to support more diverse and dynamic working models.

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a tough test of professional services firms’ agility. Whether dispersed teams have been able to quickly access the right content, exchange the latest information with colleagues and clients, and keep consistent and compliant records that can be traced back after the event, depends a great deal on their IT setup.

Many firms immediately ran into problems.

Inevitably this has intensified the urgency around digital transformation – particularly to fill gaps in provision for remote working and dynamic collaboration. It is no coincidence that professional services organisations, small and large, have become bolder in their ambitions – and are now looking purposefully at ripping out bespoke content management systems in favour of a simplified, consolidated, cloud-based platform strategy.

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