Join Intapp at this year’s UK200 Group Annual Conference in Edinburgh

Intapp are delighted to be the official App sponsors of the UK200 Group Annual Conference at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh. The 2-day UK200 Group Annual Conference which takes place from Thursday 11th-Friday 12th November brings together UK200 Group members and high quality external speakers.

Come along to the Intapp stand to hear about how we’re helping firms maximise their investment in Microsoft 365.


Join Intapp at the 2021 Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference

Monday 8th November – Tuesday 9th November
Intapp are delighted to be sponsoring the 2021 Accountancy Strategic IT Conference organised by Alternative Events. The conference which takes place over two days from Monday 8th November – Tuesday 9th November will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Marlow.

This year’s conference will run in association with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), the Alternative Accountancy Strategic IT Conference will demonstrate how firms can build the business case to adopt technology and tackle the internal cultural challenges faced when developing a digital strategy.

The content is written by the accountancy market, for the accountancy market and is completely focused on the needs, and budgets, of mid-tier practices. All speakers, case studies and solutions are appropriate to the size, challenges, budgets and experiences of mid-market practices.

You can visit Intapp at Stand #13 located in the Conservatory.

Kent Based Law Firm Brachers Chooses OnePlace Collaboration & Content for Efficient, Integrated Matter Management


When Brachers wanted to provide its lawyers with a more agile and efficient way of handling matter management, the law firm looked to OnePlace Content & Collaboration for a flexible integration between systems and improved visibility across client matters at any point in time, from document management to finances and client portals.

With a focus on excellence in business management and client experience, Brachers has been driving an ambitious project focused on the digitalization and integration of technology. The project, led by Chief Operating Officer Tom Hall and the firm’s IT committee, has already created a more agile and efficient way of working for the firm’s staff, with streamlined processes and improved accessibility for clients.

Brachers has long understood the need to adapt, due to the changing nature of the workplace as well as a shift in customer attitudes towards accessing and purchasing services. The firm’s latest IT project set out to remove historical barriers to improving efficiencies and to support more effective operations.

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Conexus Law chose Intapp as its ‘obvious’ matter management system

Conexus Law chose Intapp as its ‘obvious’ matter management system – as advised by legal technology consulting firm Hyperscale Group. Intapp’s legal sector-specific software now successfully enables Conexus to store data natively within Microsoft 365, integrating with the tools and user experiences already favoured by lawyers.

“Our lawyers ‘get it’ really easily. They can simply go into it and use it – and they do. Adoption is high: people like it. And its reliable.” Ed Cooke.

Read the full story, published by Document Manager Magazine in the September/October Edition HERE

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Accelerating digital transformation with Microsoft 365 post-COVID: what next?


A practical guide for professional services firms looking to consolidate their content access and collaboration capabilities to support more diverse and dynamic working models.

The COVID-19 lockdown has been a tough test of professional services firms’ agility. Whether dispersed teams have been able to quickly access the right content, exchange the latest information with colleagues and clients, and keep consistent and compliant records that can be traced back after the event, depends a great deal on their IT setup.

Many firms immediately ran into problems.

Inevitably this has intensified the urgency around digital transformation – particularly to fill gaps in provision for remote working and dynamic collaboration. It is no coincidence that professional services organisations, small and large, have become bolder in their ambitions – and are now looking purposefully at ripping out bespoke content management systems in favour of a simplified, consolidated, cloud-based platform strategy.

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Global Top 4 professional services firm harnesses Repstor to enhance productivity with holistic view of client tax engagements


A Global Top 4 professional services firm has selected Repstor to enhance productivity with holistic view of client tax engagements

The Luxembourg office of one of the world’s biggest professional services firms provides a range of services including global business tax advice, risk, audit and assurance services to clients from around the world.

The company operates from multiple locations across Luxembourg. Unlike many organisations, the ability to provide continuous services was not disrupted by the pandemic, as the organisation was already set up to support remote and home working as standard.

Yet the business is always looking for new ways to drive greater efficiency, productivity and robust information compliance in its client engagements, and to provide a joined-up view of all activity that collaborating teams can rely on as the definitive view of the status of each client account.

It was this overarching aim that prompted the company to seek a solution that would more directly integrate its custom-built, SharePoint-based tax platform with client email activity, giving its team of professionals a clear line of sight across all email exchanges and related documents in one place. This would fulfil the company’s risk management requirements while simultaneously boosting team productivity.

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The digital transformation imperative for corporate legal operations

A practical guide to delivering measurable progress.

Up until very recently corporate legal departments have prided themselves on maintaining the status quo: preserving traditional ways of working and assigning continued value to the informality of adhoc advice; of providing a personalised service to the business which isn’t always logged and formally accounted for.

In 2020, many of these old methods of managing matters were challenged, redoubling the case for digital process transformation in line with other functions across the enterprise. The practical challenges of closing offices and letting professionals take their work home have prompted legal operations to review long-standing process pain points – most notably linked to matter intake and triage; filing of matter-related content and correspondence; and matter analytics and reporting.

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Major US law firm Nelson Mullins deploys Repstor ‘easy button’ to deliver matter centricity , privacy control & governance.


The American Law 100 firm, which recently deployed Microsoft 365, sees Teams as the key to coordinating matter management, knowledge sharing and client collaboration in one place – with full privacy and information compliance control delivered by Repstor for Teams.

Repstor, the Microsoft 365-based information management specialist, has announced that prominent US law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP has selected Repstor for Teams to support its transition to Microsoft Teams as its primary workspace for attorneys and paralegals. Repstor will provide the client matter-centric management for content, as well as privacy and information compliance controls, that will enable the firm to exploit Teams to its full potential.

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Stedin Groep selects Repstor Custodian for Legal from Transform Data


Stedin Groep is active in the Randstad megalopolis of The Netherlands, which includes the four largest Dutch cities, the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.

Given its extensive operations, the group needed a better way to manage documents and email trails linked to legal matters, to improve productivity and efficiency in its dealings across the business.

Specifically, the Group was looking for a highfunctioning, fit-for-purpose file management system to simplify legal document and email management, reducing reliance on legacy systems which were proving restrictive and a burden to manage.

Find out why Stedin Groep through Transform Data chose Repstor Custodian for Legal as its Legal DMS.

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