Latest Microsoft Teams™ Webinar from Repstor will Explore How Planner™ Integration Can Transform Task & Work Management

Latest Microsoft Teams™ Webinar from Repstor will Explore How Planner™ Integration Can Transform Task & Work Management

  • Highly experienced Microsoft Office 365 practitioners will give best practice tips on how combining Teams & Planner can help colleagues collaborate more efficiently
  • Attendees will also learn how to further improve the user experience of Planner & Teams with Repstor’s ECM capabilities, embedded in Microsoft Office 365

Belfast, January 10th , 2020 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, has today announced the next in its series of practical Microsoft Teams™ webinars, focused on the productivity benefits of integrating Teams with Microsoft Planner.
In the latest session, on Monday January 14, Repstor’s experienced Microsoft Teams practitioners, Fergus Wilson and Richard Barbour, will walk through the many benefits of Microsoft Planner – a web-based tool designed to help small groups of colleagues collectively organize plans and assign and track project-based tasks in a visual and open way.
Specifically, they will highlight how integrating MS Planner with Microsoft Teams can enhance productivity benefits – for example by making Planner a tab within Microsoft Teams to give all team members up-to-date visibility of who’s working on what and which deadlines are looming.
The webinar will demonstrate how Repstor can further transform group task-based productivity with additional integrated content management capabilities.

Full of practical takeaways, the webinar will cover:

  • The features and benefits of Microsoft Planner
  • How it improves task and work management in the modern workplace
  • How to quickly and easily integrate MS Planner & Teams to maximize productivity
  • How Repstor integration can further enhance task/ work management via Planner & Teams

The Planner webinar is the latest in a series of practical sessions hosted by Repstor, designed to equip those managing MS Teams deployments with practical tips to get the best from the powerful, popular collaboration platform.
The MS Teams/Planner webinar will take place on Monday January 14 at 10:30 GMT & 9:30am PT/ 12:30pm ET

Attendees can register and request reminders here.

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