Give your Corporate Legal Department the Matter Lifecycle Management system it deserves – built exclusively on Microsoft 365

Join our experienced presenters demonstrating with real use cases how corporate legal departments are using Repstor Custodian for Legal to meet productivity challenges head-on and transform the way they deliver legal services.

During the webinar we provide an end to end tour including: –

  • New instruction intake, triage, allocation
  • Document and email management through the familiar Outlook and Mobile applications
  • Document automation and self-service
  • Enhanced internal and external collaboration with Microsoft Teams©
  • Matter Reporting and Analytics

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5 Ways Law Firms can Maintain Control of Client Matter Management as Microsoft Teams use Proliferates

Microsoft Teams is fast becoming the default collaboration environment across all sorts of organisations. More than 20 million people using it daily now [1], and legal professionals are no exception.

Indeed, use of Teams by law firms and corporate legal departments has risen sharply, as the platform becomes a hub for project, practice area and client/matter-related collaboration – especially as Microsoft has positioned Teams as the replacement for Skype for Business.

But with this exploding Teams-based productivity come some risks from an information and document management perspective. In a legal context, it is important that firm-related communications and interaction with content are still coordinated with consistency, so that the latest outcomes and versions of documents are easy to pinpoint. There also needs to be robust security provision, to ensure that sensitive materials and related communications cannot be circulated to unauthorised recipients, within or beyond the organisation’s boundaries.

That’s why we’ve created a new white paper with practical advice for legal operations managers, so that law firms and their clients can enjoy everything Microsoft Teams has to offer, without loss of control.

Specifically we look at:

1. Cohesive matter management & visibility

This is about ensuring that (1) the creation of Teams that are linked to existing client or matter content stores and information; (2) there is clear visibility of, and linkage between, existing Teams that may be related; and (3) there is some level of control over who can create new Teams and the parameters used to define and format them (to make light work of search/navigation).

All of these controls can be set within our Repstor Custodian for Legal product suite, which provides robust governance of collaboration and information management natively within Office 365, across Microsoft Teams and any linked content repositories.

2. Naming conventions & classifications
Applying standard names and classifications to Teams is an important aid to navigating Teams, finding the latest status information quickly, and applying any controls related to information privacy or retention (e.g. how long content should be kept for, before it is archived or deleted).

Repstor Custodian for Legal encourages the use of agreed/standardised names and details of Team properties, making it easy to locate and link related Teams and apply these kinds of discrete controls. It provides easy, intuitive navigation using a hierarchical approach to related Teams – such as sub-Teams for linked matters or their dependent elements – and uses customisable graphical dashboards to present these to legal professionals or finance teams, for easy at-a-glance viewing.

3. Content coordination across platforms/maximising DMS compliance
Importantly, Custodian for Legal can provide links to legacy document management systems, allowing for the free flow of documents between existing systems and Teams, with a complete audit of changes within the system of record.

In conjunction with its Repstor Affinity automated email filing capability, managed natively from within Outlook, Repstor Custodian for Legal also keeps control of email-based matter activity. It ensures that matter-related correspondence and attachments are stored in the main content repository, yet can be linked easily to Team collaboration spaces, while observing any privacy/compliance controls.

4. Security & sharing
Here we look at the implications of legal professionals collaborating routinely or in ad-hoc ways with clients and other external parties, as well as internally – necessitating appropriate safeguards to lock down sensitive matter content.

By applying structure and governance, whether via approvals and/or strict classifications, it is possible for firms to give legal professionals the freedom to collaborate productively across boundaries, without risk of information leakage.

5. Lifecycle management/classification continued
Finally, from an IT/Teams decluttering perspective, and for regulatory reasons, it’s important that Team workspaces and the information within them are not allowed to linger indefinitely on servers.

Strong, structured classification and automated, rules-based lifecycle management, as available through Repstor Custodian for Legal, ensure that nothing is left to chance and that Teams are archived or deleted at the right time.

Download the full white paper here.

[1] Microsoft Teams just hit 20 Million daily active users , beating its rival Slack once again, Business Insider, November 2019

Tax Law Firm, Atlas, Transforms Client, Matter and Project Management with Custodian for Legal™

  • Dutch business software specialist, Transform Data International, introduced Atlas to Repstor Custodian for Legal™
  • ‘Clients’ and ‘Projects’ in the Custodian for Legal system are tightly aligned with Microsoft Dynamics 365©

Belfast, February 5th ,  2020 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, today unveiled its latest flagship European customer, Atlas, an independent tax law firm in the Netherlands, which has transformed its approach to business with Custodian for Legal.

Following the formation of a strategic alliance with Tiberghien, another leading tax law firm with a strong presence in Belgium and Luxembourg, it became critical that teams across this powerful network needed to collaborate effectively and efficiently, both internally between different geographical locations, and externally with clients.

The companies therefore wanted to consolidate all client, matter and project management information, document management and activity notes on a shared platform common to all legal and tax professionals. They needed an intuitive, easy-to-use system: one that would feel comfortable and familiar to professionals and administrators, rather than require a departure from the way they already worked.

Dutch business software specialist, Transform Data International, introduced Atlas to Custodian for Legal, a collaboration and matter management solution from Repstor. The software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of legal teams, with capabilities for every aspect of client, matter and broader project management. Easily integrated with Office 365©, it runs natively within the platform, to deliver high performance in a way that feels natural and familiar to users.

The new platform also enables teams to further reduce internal email communication, as incoming matter-related messages can be filed directly into relevant dossiers for immediate access and sharing information. Moreover, advanced Search functionality provided via the Office 365 tool, Qwickr, allows users to search a large set of files with ease, and quickly refine, sort and group results, saving valuable time that might otherwise be spent looking for information.

At the same time, Transform Data has connected Custodian for Legal to Microsoft Dynamics© using its Qonnector synchronisation tool, so that when data is added or amended in Dynamics 365, updates are automatically reflected in Office 365/Custodian for Legal.

“Our collaboration has worked very efficiently. Transform Data has undertaken many projects of this nature and is able to bring to bear best practices from other implementations. This made it very easy for us to design the system,” comments Dennis Ruzius, operations manager at Atlas. “The project team worked hard to implement this solution in a short timeframe, which has resulted in a close and committed relationship between our two organisations.”

“We are delighted to introduce Atlas to our growing family of European customers in the legal sector,” adds Sheila Gormley, Director of Business Development at Repstor.  “It is a great demonstration of how our Custodian for Legal software can transform communications to deliver numerous substantial organisational and administrative benefits.”

Download the Atlas case study here

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Atlas transforms client, matter and project management with Custodian for Legal from Transform Data

Atlas is an independent tax law firm in the Netherlands, with its office in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Branded under the name T/A International, the growing business has entered into a significant strategic partnership with Tiberghien, another leading tax law firm with a strong presence in Belgium and Luxembourg. Combined, the two firms have formed an impressive tax network across Benelux, providing access to more than 100 dedicated tax lawyers across three jurisdictions, via offices spanning Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Luxembourg.

To maximise the potential and performance of this powerful market proposition, it is critical that teams across this powerful tax law network can collaborate effectively and efficiently, both internally between different geographical locations, and externally with clients.

Dutch business software specialist, Transform Data International, introduced Atlas to Repstor’s Custodian for Legal™. The software has been specifically designed to meet the needs of legal teams, with capabilities for every aspect of client, matter and broader project management. Easily integrated with Office 365, it runs natively within the platform, to deliver high performance in a way that feels natural and familiar to users.

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Microsoft Teams for Legal Professionals White Paper


5 ways to keep control of matter management as Microsoft Teams becomes the default collaboration platform for legal professionals.

Microsoft has made no secret of its ambitions for Teams as the default platform for workplace collaboration. Teams now replaces Skype for Business, for instance, providing a secure central hub for all kinds of routine communications, conferencing and information sharing – both internally, and externally with clients and business partners.

This paper sets out some of the most common information management issues that can arise with uncontrolled Teams-based collaboration, and offers practical advice about how to address them in a legal setting so that law firms and their clients can enjoy the platform’s fullest benefits, unfettered by information governance issues.

Click HERE For The WhitePaper. 

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Repstor to present at The Legal IT Conference

Microsoft technology experts to demonstrate how law firms can get the most out of Office 365

Belfast, September 11th, 2019 – Repstor, the ECM and matter lifecycle management specialist, will present Getting the most out of Office 365 at the forthcoming Alternative Legal IT Conference, at De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor on 1st October.

Now in its 11th year, this year’s conference will continue to showcase the best in mid-market legal innovation. The highlight of the conference is the IT Director-led case study round-table sessions. The conference will attract a great community of talented, innovative and ambitious professionals in mid-market law firms – with regular attendance of over 200 IT Directors and Managing Partners.

Repstor is the matter lifecycle management specialists for Law Firms and Legal departments. Custodian for Legal™, its Office 365-based document, email and matter lifecycle management system, is relied on by legal teams across the globe. Its collaboration and document management capabilities, optimised for legal users, harness the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and other popular Office 365 applications including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, reflecting the way people instinctively communicate and share content with clients and colleagues.

Commenting on Repstor’s plans for the Alternative Legal IT Conference, Sheila Gormley, the company’s co-founder and director of Legal Solutions, said: “Everyone’s using Office 365 – but few are getting the best out of it. During this talk Repstor will give deep insight into using Office 365 tools such as Teams, Flow, Planner, Power BI and SharePoint to deliver legal use cases in your Firm – focusing directly on the legal user.”

Sheila is Repstor’s legal and professional services expert, with deep knowledge of the way these sectors need to manage content to be more productive, efficient and compliant. In particular she has championed the take-up of Repstor Custodian for Legal by law firms and Corporate Legal teams seeking tighter control of matter lifecycle management, harnessing the Microsoft Office 365 suite to deliver legal use cases.

The Alternative Legal IT Conference is at De Vere Beaumont Estate, Windsor on 1-2nd October.

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Repstor Continues to Impress Legal Teams Globally with its Intuitive Solution

  • Sales of Repstor Custodian for Legal™ are soaring as companies globally realize they can transform legal matter lifecycle management capitalizing on their existing O365 investments
  • International Air Transport Association is among the latest customer signings
  • The Top 10 Deloitte Fast 50 Company will attend CLOC Vegas May 14-16

Belfast, UK – May 15th, 2019 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, will respond to surging global demand for its corporate legal matter lifecycle management solution for Office 365, custodian for Legal™, by attending the 2019 Corporate Legal Operations Consortium event in Vegas on May 14-16

International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines headquartered in North America, is among the latest corporations to embrace the software. It is using the software to transform legal matter management across three time zones.

Announcing the purchase in March, Dane Clapson, Assistant General Counsel at IATA, said, “Like a lot of legal teams, we wanted to find better ways to work together and collaborate amongst colleagues.” Although IATA has only just rolled out the software, Dane reports that he has seen hours of duplication eliminated from legal work now colleagues have a clear line of sight across what matters have been referred to the legal department.

Other enthusiastic enterprise customers including Lockton Insurance, Westpac in New Zealand; Frasers Property in Australia; Miral, an asset management company in the UAE; UK National Grid, UK Power Network and Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

At National Grid in the UK, the custodian for Legal rollout was so successful it was entered into The Lawyer Awards 2018, for Most Innovative Use of Technology. Group Head of Legal Operational Excellence, Mo Ajaz, has praised the system’s support for easy collaboration: “There’s improved visibility of where things are and what is happening, and people are retrieving matter-related content easily,” he said.

Significantly, custodian for Legal was developed in collaboration with Eversheds Sutherland Consulting (where it is branded ES/Unity™), a close partner and customer of Repstor. First-hand legal input into the development of the product has cemented its impact for clients.

The software’s collaboration and document management capabilities, optimized for legal users and accessible directly via the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook, reflect the way people instinctively work. Custodian for Legal’s functionality spans:

  • Client Instruction / Request / Allocation / Triage management
  • Matter-centric document & email management
  • Intuitive collaboration (including external collaboration)
  • Matter Lifecycle Management
  • Management information Reporting
  • Information security
  • Offline and mobile working

Earlier this year, Repstor further bolstered its Americas presence in response to growing demand for custodian for Legal, with new senior appointments in the territory.

Drop by the Repstor booth #96 at CLOC.

Repstor Wins Over the US Legal Sector with its No-Fuss Transformation of Matter Management Using Everyday Software

• The US legal market sees major growth as firms see the benefits of organising and interacting with case files and matter correspondence via existing software platforms
• New strategic appointments pre-empt rising demand as new client signings surge
• The Top 10 Deloitte Fast 50 Company will attend the US’s largest legal conference in New York later this month

Belfast, January 11th, 2019 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, has announced two new strategic appointments in the US to capitalise on high demand for its legal sector solution, custodian for Legal™, in the Americas.

Repstor has expanded its sales team in the region with two established names in legal content management software, Robert Swan and Robert Scroggs. Robert Swan, who joined Repstor as VP Sales, Legal Solutions for the Americas in late 2018, and is based in the Greater Atlanta area, will focus on building the company’s legal market penetration in the region. He is assisted by Robert Scroggs as pre-sales technical consultant, who is based between Tampa, Florida and St Petersburg.

Robert Swan was previously VP of Legal Technology at IST Management Services, and his career to date has spanned a range of content management and legal technology roles with major industry players. Robert Scroggs is an experienced business analyst, who has also amassed enviable experience at document management and workflow technology companies, including iManage.

Repstor’s latest strategic recruitment drive follows the appointment of Dr. Petri I. Salonen as General Manager for the Americas, a year ago. Over the last 12 months he has been building a channel for Repstor in the Americas region and growing enterprise sales. Robert Swan and Robert Scroggs will extend that effort specifically to the legal sector in the region.

Custodian for Legal, Repstor’s Office 365-based matter and knowledge management system, has struck a chord with legal teams on both sides of the Atlantic. Its collaboration and document management capabilities, optimised for legal users, harness the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and other Office applications, reflecting the way people instinctively interact and share information and documents with clients and colleagues.

The software is used worldwide by law firms and internal corporate legal teams, and by 5 of the top 10 global management consultancies. Recent new wins include law firm McAllister Olivarius, and the legal department of medical device manufacturer Terumo Europe.

Repstor’s legal matter management business is growing globally too. Last summer the company appointed a new Principal Consultant for its Legal & Professional Services division in Europe. Leigh Smith joined from global law firm Eversheds Sutherland.

To capitalise on Repstor’s growing profile in the Americas, the company will be exhibiting at the LegalTech Show in New York later this month. Repstor will join 9,000 industry associates and 400 exhibitors from January 29-31 at the US’s largest and longest-standing legal technology event. Repstor will host booth #119 at the event at the New York Hilton in the centre of the city.

The announcements are the latest in a run of achievements for Repstor which made the top 10 listings in the 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50. The annual awards celebrate indigenous Irish technology companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth.

Commenting on Repstor’s continued plans for international expansion, especially in the legal sector, Alan McMillen, the company’s CEO, said: “We’ve optimised solutions for this market, which we know well. It has been clear for some time now that, by harnessing legal teams’ existing software platforms rather than expecting them to implement completely new systems, we have met a previously untapped need. With a focused team in place, we foresee enormous potential.”

The latest career opportunities at Repstor are detailed on the Careers Page of the company website. For more information please contact

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Terumo Europe Implements Custodian for Legal for Matter and Knowledge Management

MAASTRICHT, 9th October 2018 – Transform Data International has today announced that Custodian for Legal™ has been selected by the legal department of medical device manufacturer Terumo Europe as its matter and knowledge management system.

Terumo Europe’s Legal department greatly values the service it delivers across the company’s business units, believing it to be the basis for successful collaboration. As Custodian for Legal is implemented on top of the existing Microsoft Office 365 environment, this delivers a broad range of functionalities such as advanced search capabilities as well as the highest levels of security. At this moment, the legal department of Terumo Europe has implemented Custodian for the following key applications:

Matter Management: All matters and related documents and e-mails from the Legal department will be organised and saved inside custodian and are available to end-users via the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

Knowledge Management: All relevant documents, articles, templates and guidelines will be categorised in the new system to make sure relevant knowledge is accessible anytime, online and offline to the legal users.

Custodian for Legal is a collaboration and document management solution, based on the Repstor product suite and utilises the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook and other Office applications to ensure the highest level of user-adoption. Custodian for Legal is used worldwide by firms and companies including Eversheds Sutherland, Boels Zanders & ForFarmers.

Rob Kubben, Managing Partner at Transform Data says: “We are delighted to add Terumo Europe to our customer base and to see how our Custodian for Legal solution, combined with Office 365, will fulfil all the needs of the legal department and other departments across the business.”

Speaking of the decision to select Transform Data International and Custodian for Legal, Sarah Wijns, General Counsel at Terumo Europe commented: “We have evaluated Transform Data International’s solution and it appears to fit perfectly with the needs from our own department and the needs of the various business units within the company.” Sarah continues, “Custodian for Legal addresses our needs around business partnering and the management and information sharing.”

About Terumo Europe

Terumo Europe is a core player in the EMEA* healthcare market and provides best in class quality products and services meeting customer and regulatory requirements supported by an effective Quality Management System.

The EMEA headquarters are based in Leuven (Belgium). The European Distribution Centre is based in Genk (Belgium). Terumo Europe has production facilities in Leuven (Belgium) and in Liverpool (UK) with sales and marketing offices across the EMEA region.

Read the full customer success story here 

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Repstor Supports Continued Growth with the Appointment of a new Principal Consultant for Legal & Professional Services

  • Leigh Smith, who joins from global law firm Eversheds Sutherland, will focus on Repstor’s matter lifecycle management solutions for in-house legal teams
  • Developed jointly by Repstor and Eversheds Sutherland, ES/Unity leverages Repstor’s Custodian platform to deliver complete matter management using existing Office 365/SharePoint platforms

Belfast, August 28th, 2018 – Repstor, the ECM software and matter management specialist, has appointed a new Principal Consultant for its Legal & Professional Services division, in support of its continued fast-paced business growth in legal matter lifecycle management. Leigh Smith joins Repstor from global law firm, Eversheds Sutherland, bringing first-hand experience of the legal sector and its particular needs for document and content management.

Eversheds Sutherland is a strategic partner of Repstor’s: the two companies have co-developed a solution specifically for legal teams – ES /Unity. This harnesses legal teams’ existing investments in Office 365/ SharePoint, to organise all matter-related content and correspondence across the matter lifecycle. The innovative solution combines the legal knowhow of Eversheds Sutherland and Repstor’s best-of-breed technology platform. At Repstor, Leigh will spearhead ES /Unity engagements among corporate in-house legal teams.

Leigh has over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector at senior and director-level and has directed and delivered technology and process improvement programmes internationally across a diverse range of sectors.

During his time at Eversheds Sutherland Consulting, Leigh led the development of ES /Unity working in close partnership with Repstor and delivered legal transformation projects for organisations across the globe.

ES /Unity continues to attract extensive market interest, spanning law firms as well as corporate in-house legal teams. Commenting on Leigh’s appointment, Alan McMillen, Repstor’s CEO, said, “Leigh is a fantastic, strategic appointment to our team, and reflects the accelerating success of ES /Unity.”

For corporate in-house legal teams, ES /Unity presents a unique opportunity to exploit existing Office 365 platforms to bring greater consistency and efficiency to the way teams manage and keep track of all matter-related content and communications. ES /Unity has already been embraced by a broad range of prestigious clients including Miral, Client Earth, National Grid, Queen’s University Belfast and Wellcome Trust, giving rise to some impressive feedback.

Repstor’s business as a whole continues to go from strength to strength. The company recently launched a major recruitment drive to support its next phase of expansion. It is ranked in the Top 15 Deloitte Fast 50 companies. A full list of Repstor’s current job opportunities can be found on the Careers Page of the company website. For more information please contact

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