Dropbox Outlook Integration

Manage your Dropbox emails, attachments and other content directly from Outlook. Introducing our Dropbox Outlook Integration.

The affinity Dropbox Outlook integration provides users with an easy way to store their emails, attachments or other content to Dropbox directly from Microsoft Outlook.
Dropbox appears as a folder location in Outlook enabling you to easily drag and drop emails from Outlook into your Dropbox folder – any email filed this way remains fully accessible in Outlook. If you have lots of folders created in Dropbox, for managing cases or projects, you can use the assisted filing functionality provided by the Repstor affinity Quick File tool. The Quick File tool enables users to quickly locate recent folders and search for folders easily by name, minimizing time spent traversing large folder structures.

Users have the additional benefit of being able to access, save and edit all content from one user interface – Outlook.

Benefits of the Dropbox Outlook integration:

• Access to your Dropbox folder hierarchy directly from Outlook: Dropbox folders will be visible on the left hand side of Outlook providing easy browse, preview and edit access to Dropbox content through the familiar Microsoft Outlook folders interface.
• Drag & drop emails, attachments and other content: Users can capture emails and/or attachments into Dropbox simply by dragging and dropping the item onto the target Dropbox folder in Outlook.
• Quick File functionality: Have lots of folders in Dropbox? Then use the ‘Quick File’ functionality which allows users to quickly locate the target folder by browsing recent locations and searching.
• Assisted filing functionality: The Repstor assist add-on module suggests the most appropriate filing location for an email being filed based on content and contextual analysis of the item to be filed.
• Full search capability from Outlook: Users can easily search, preview and find emails across all folders directly within Outlook (including all synchronized content and filed email attachments).
• No impact on Outlook performance: Outlook performance is unaffected.
• Bulk email management: Users can file multiple emails or multiple attachments to a folder quickly and easily.
• Notification of added or updated content: Users can keep track of newly added content. affinity will use standard unread notifications to flag new or updated content.
• A user-friendly client: Access Dropbox content within the familiar Outlook Environment. No training needed.

For more information download our affinity brochure or request a free trial.