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The matter management software for legal departments and law firms across the globe.

We took all our Microsoft and ECM technology know-how and we coupled it with a deep understanding of the demands of legal departments and law firms – and custodian for legal™ was born, giving us Office 365 for matter management.

  • custodian for legal extends the powerful document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide full matter management for legal and professional service organizations.
  • custodian for legal delivers Office 365 for matter management to be used as a complete system by bringing legal case management and email management capabilities directly within Office 365.
  • Use SharePoint sites and lists to store matter content. Apply structure, metadata, workflow processes and policy to each matter type easily and consistently.

custodian for legal utilizes the powerful and familiar interface of Microsoft
Outlook and other Office applications to ensure the highest level of user-adoption and minimize the need for migrating complex and costly legacy systems

  • custodian for legal also allows firms to ensure that they maximize investments in Microsoft technologies, and can take advantage of the broader Microsoft
    platform including analytics, compliance, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) etc.
  • custodian for legal has been developed to integrate seamlessly with other professional applications such as Practice Management Systems (PMS), on-boarding applications, time and billing applications and workflow management applications.

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Firms and legal teams can quickly and economically deploy matter management solutions without the need for custom development.


Powerful and rich functionality. An intuitive and user-friendly experience. This is Office 365 for matter management.


Custodian for legal works with SharePoint on-premise, Office 365 Cloud or Hybrid. There is no customization of the Office 365/SharePoint systems and it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office applications, Window Explorer and Outlook.By extending the powerful document management capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, custodian for legal provides matter-centric collaboration, document and email management.
Matters can be created through custodian utilizing SharePoint to provision matter workspace structures, metadata, permissions and precedent documents automatically.Other Microsoft platform capabilities can be exploited, for example analytics to generate management reporting to show key metrics and develop an in-depth understanding of performance, costs and other facets, as well as compliance features, DLP and other key capabilities that are required to meet the needsof the modern law firm.

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