SharePoint Outlook Integration

affinity has full support for SharePoint content types, metadata, defaults, mandatory metadata and taxonomies meaning that information management best practice and automation can be applied to enhance user productivity and efficiency.

It is easy to file into the correct location with the SharePoint Outlook integration. The SharePoint document libraries and folders are presented in Outlook as a folder hierarchy. Standard Outlook filing functionality can be used (drag and drop, quick steps, rules), or Repstor’s assist lite can be used to file into deep SharePoint hierarchies easily.

Benefits of the affinity SharePoint Outlook integration:

  • Access SharePoint content within a folder hierarchy in Outlook – available on and offline. affinity is a full offline client, providing full access, addition and editing while offline. This allows users to work while disconnected from the SharePoint system, and additionally improves the user experience.
  • File Emails in SharePoint directly from Outlook: Use standard Outlook features such as drag and drop/copy and paste/move emails to Outlook folders that are synchronized with SharePoint. Use Repstor assist lite to file emails easily in complex SharePoint hierarchies.
  • File email attachments in SharePoint directly from Outlook: Users can drag and drop or copy email attachments directly to SharePoint locations using standard Outlook functions. Use affinity Quick File to file attachments easily in complex SharePoint hierarchies.
  • Add Files to SharePoint From Outlook: Users can drag and drop content from their windows desktop, windows explorer, Outlook folders, and similar applications to SharePoint locations, or may choose to add documents via the affinity add document function.
  • Update SharePoint Content from Outlook: Users can preview (preview pane in Outlook), view (in native application), or edit (in native application) content that is stored in SharePoint from the Outlook User Interface.
  • Notification of added or updated content: Users can keep track of content within multiple sites, or within complex SharePoint hierarchies. affinity will use standard unread notifications to flag new or updated content.
  • Full offline access to SharePoint: Users can continue to add, update and access content from within Outlook even when they are disconnected from the SharePoint system.

Download the Repstor affinity datasheet to learn more…