Meridio Outlook Integration

Managing your MeridioTM ECM content from within Outlook. The Meridio Outlook integration

The affinityTM Meridio Outlook integration provides users with easy access to their Meridio ECM repository through the Microsoft Outlook interface.

Using the Meridio ECM connector organizations can enable users to have access to multiple document repositories in parallel. This means users can easily transition from their Meridio ECM system to a new system, such as SharePoint/Office 365 or HP TRIM, minimizing the need for change management. Users are still provided with email and document management tools throughout the transition period resulting in zero downtime.

The Meridio Outlook integration provides a rich Outlook interface that is fast, familiar and intuitive for both legacy and new systems. Users can have access to multiple systems in parallel avoiding the need to execute a big bang migration.

Benefits of Meridio Outlook integration:

  • Simple to use client providing easy and efficient access to Meridio ECM repository content for users from Outlook
  • Provides a rich Outlook interface for both legacy and new systems in parallel giving users access to multiple systems at the same time
  • Provides on-going client support for existing Meridio repositories e.g. Windows 10/Outlook 2016
  • Access Meridio ECM content within a folder hierarchy in Outlook – available on and offline. Repstor affinity Meridio ECM connector is a full offline client, providing access, addition and editing while offline. This allows users to have browsing capability of content in the Meridio repository both online and offline
  • Add Files or Emails to Meridio ECM from Outlook: Users can file content from Windows Explorer, Outlook folders and similar applications to Meridio locations through Repstor affinity’s Quick File functionality or drag and drop.
  • Use Repstor affinity to copy or transfer documents between the Meridio repository and other existing repositories such as SharePoint and HP TRIM®.
  • Notification of added or updated content: Users can keep track of content within multiple repository sites. affinity will use standard unread notifications to flag new or updated content.

Repstor affinity leads the ECM market with its extensive integration to multiple repositories.

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