iManage Outlook Integration

Managing ALL your content from within Outlook. The iManage Outlook integration – Repstor affinity

Repstor affinityTM provides all your users easy access to content stored in iManage Work® (previously HP/Autonomy WorkSite) through a fast, efficient interface with Microsoft Outlook.

Users benefit from a simple, consistent view of information that allows them to add, edit and retrieve this content when on or offline, within Outlook and also within Windows Explorer using the Repstor drive module.  Repstor affinity provides access to iManage Work® without slowing or impacting normal Outlook and supports applications where network latency negatively impacts the use of other clients, or where offline access is required.

The Repstor affinity connector is ideally suited to scenarios where there is a requirement to work offline or across latent networks, or when users want to access content from the iManage Work® systems in combination with other content repositories.

Benefits of the affinity iManage Outlook integration:

  • Fully integrated in the Outlook client to provide familiar and easy access to email, and document content stored in iManage Work®
  • Full offline working
  • Full email management, and forwarding of/reply to filed emails, and inclusion of other document content as attachments
  • Add, view, and edit documents and properties through the Outlook client (on or offline)
  • Filing of documents/other office file types direct from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Directed filing (suggested locations) of email, attachments or documents to iManage Work® folders with Repstor assist
  • Use Repstor affinity to copy documents between the iManage Work® repository and other repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, File Shares and HighQ Collaborate
  • Access content through Windows Explorer using the Repstor drive product

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