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ECM Adoption in Professional Services

When it comes to Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), few industries have embraced the need to collect, aggregate, protect, manage and exploit information on an enterprise scale like professional services firms. The full spectrum of ECM and IM solutions have been brought to bear to meet the challenge of huge quantities of information being generated in many different scenarios, with Document Management, Records Management and Collaborative Project Management being vital to the revenue generating activities of these organizations. Repstor helps Professional Services companies exploit their current ECM platform and capture the best practices of their best practitioners.

Key Themes

In professional services ECM deployments there are key themes that are common across the industry such as Project Management, Knowledge Management, and Document Management. The importance of handling email , the need to collaborate across company and organizational boundaries, offline working, maintaining delivery standards and productivity all feature strongly in the requirements. Repstor’s professional services solutions deliver to these requirements by providing access to relevant content within Microsoft Outlook, hence maximising productivity for professional services staff.

Common Tools

Despite relatively common requirements the ECM landscape in professional organizations has a wide variety of systems in use. However there are common tools in use such as Microsoft® Office® and in particular Microsoft Outlook® for creating and collaboration around Office content. Email is ubiquitous for internal and external communications and still dominating despite the rise of social collaboration tools. Repstor affinityTM , is a native Microsoft Outlook application meaning that the common ways of working utilized by professional services staff can be used to collaborate more effectively and work offline without the need for major change management programs.

Microsoft SharePoint®

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming the most common platform for managing content in larger Professional Services organizations. However there is often a need for co-existence with the legacy platforms and products that currently manage key content.

Repstor’s professional services solutions provide users with a common way to access and exploit content across products allowing organizations to move forward without the need to constantly update legacy back-end systems in order to maintain effective integration with the later versions of Microsoft Office, keeping access for users via the Microsoft Outlook UI.

Making Best Practice Common Practice

Successful Professional Services organizations trade on the quality of their people, the knowledge held in their organizations and the competency of their staff. Repstor helps you take the best practice from the best practitioners and make that the de-facto across the organization, enabling you to be better and stronger than your competitors.

Summary – Repstor in Professional Services

Repstor products provide common access across systems from within the Microsoft Outlook UI for on and offline working and enable you to bring best practice filing to all of your users, particularly those engaged in project delivery by allowing the best practitioners practice to be exploited by users in similar roles across your organization.