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Successful ECM Solutions

When it comes to Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), all industries hit problems encouraging users to adopt new systems and new ways of working.

Repstor’s products help users adopt ECM systems within companies across multiple industries around the world.

Typically users have over years hoarded content in places where colleagues who could make good use of this information do not have access (e.g. their own email environment in PST’s or in their exchange folders, or their local storage on desktops and laptops), and often they duplicate existing information so that they can access it when and where they want. This is particularly true for users who travel frequently and are not always connected. Any collaborative working often means duplication and proliferation of content rather than utilising existing content.

Users with Bad Habits

While these are bad habits and cause issues for organizations these users will argue that they need the information to do their job and this is the only way they have to keep on top of their day to day work.

Lack of collaborative sharing of information leads to issues around compliance (legal discovery/uncontrolled copies/lack of backups and potential loss of data), and reduced productivity (duplication of work/uninformed decision making).

Maximising Productivity for All Users

Deploying an ECM system is one solution for breaking these habits, but an ECM system will only help if it provides the user with what they need to continue to work effectively. For many users the ECM system increases their workload, it creates barriers that make it more difficult for the users rather than making it easier. Mistakes such as expecting users to learn new ways of working just so that they can access content, making it more difficult for users to locate their content (users get a feeling of losing control or losing content and context) or expecting users to do more than they currently do around categorising or tagging content mean that users fall back to more familiar and easier ways of working. This results in users effectively working around the ECM system making things worse and not better.

How Repstor helps

Simply put – Repstor helps all organizations across all industries with challenges in getting users to adopt ECM systems by:

  • Removing barriers through familiarity
  • Making Outlook an effective tool to capture content that otherwise would be hoarded
  • Ensuring users retain confidence that their content will remain easily available to them
  • Making content available when on or offline
  • Having the ability to search the information that they are interested in in particular
  • Providing filing assistance so that users put content in appropriate locations and can do so very quickly and easily
  • Easy collaboration using existing content rather than duplication

Repstor’s products and solutions can help encourage ECM Adoption within companies across a variety of business sectors including Financial Services, Engineering, Public Sector, and Healthcare.