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Effective ECM Adoption in Oil & Gas, Utilities and Natural Resources

Highly regulated and technical industries like Oil and Gas, Utilities and Natural Resources produce huge amounts of information in many forms, across many different locations. These can often be remote and poorly connected locations with many mobile and remote workers needing offline access. There can also be large amounts of collaborative content as projects often include external contractors, partners and participants.

While a large proportion of the information may be generated and managed in specific content management systems such as Engineering or GIS management systems ,subsets and snippets of this content is often brought into more general purpose document management and collaborative systems such as Microsoft® SharePoint®. This is where Repstor can help.

The users of these more general purpose document management and collaborative systems tend to be a complete mix of disciplines (engineers, admin staff, management staff, and scientists, among others). Therefore these systems must provide for a much broader user base.

Repstor increases user adoption by adapting to how people naturally work. Contributing to, accessing and collaborating on content is intuitive and familiar for users as they can access their content from within the Microsoft Outlook® Client with Repstor affinityTM. Filing of content is also faster, easier and more accurate with Repstor assist TM.

Using Outlook also means that email as a content type, which is widely used for internal and external communication, can be fully supported and made available for collaborative working.

Summary – Repstor in Oil and Gas, Utilities and Natural Resources

  • Repstor affinity is a native Outlook application meaning that the common ways of working utilized by staff can be used to collaborate more effectively and work offline without the need for major change management programs.
  • While SharePoint is the most common, for many organizations there is often a need for co-existence with the other current and legacy platforms and products that manage key content. This includes multiple versions of SharePoint. This is possible with Repstor affinity.
  • Repstor’s solutions provide users with a common way to access and exploit content across products and versions allowing organizations to move forward without the need to constantly update legacy back-end systems in order to maintain effective integration with the later versions of Microsoft Office, keeping access for users via the Microsoft Outlook UI.
  • Repstor assist helps you take the best practice in document control and filing from the best practitioners and make that the de-facto across the organization ensuring compliance with regulations relating to document control and higher productivity from staff.
  • Offline and mobile use is a key capability, Repstor affinity provides full offline working including metadata so that users who are on the road or work at remote poorly connected outposts can continue to access, update and exploit the information needed to be fully productive and get the job done.

Repstor products provide common access across systems from within the Microsoft Outlook UI for on and offline working and enable you to bring best practice filing to all of your users, particularly those engaged in projects delivery by allowing the best practitioners practice to be exploited by users in similar roles across your organization.