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Matter & Content Management in the Legal Profession

“Testing and piloting of the products has got the remote offices really excited because it has resolved many of the performance issues that they see. It has also provided a level of matter management, product integration, ease of use and performance that we could get nowhere else.  We are so impressed with the Repstor products, and their speed at turning around our feature suggestions, that there is every likelihood that we will roll them out to all remote locations throughout 2015/16,” Head of Information Services, Legal Firm.


Microsoft Outlook in Legal

Talk to any Legal professional about how they communicate and collaborate and it is clear that Microsoft® Outlook® plays a vital part. This is reflected in software provided by successful legal document management vendors as Outlook has been the key UI/application for the vast majority of users.  Why Outlook? For most it comes down to a combination of familiarity, productivity, offline working and the fact that the vast majority of client and internal communications are carried out by email.

Listening to professionals from across the spectrum, we have seen a need for the following use cases:

  • Access to SharePoint®, iManage Work® (previously HP/Autonomy WorkSite), HighQ collaborate and other content systems from Outlook
  • Remote and offline working capabilities for iManage Work®, HighQ collaborate, Microsoft SharePoint® and other content repositories
  • Access to multiple content repositories from the same Outlook interface
  • Enabling SharePoint/OfficeTM 365 for legal case and matter management

Repstor products provide all of this functionality and more.

Multi-Repository Support

Repstor affinity is designed to integrate with multiple ECM repositories easily. With affinity you can manage, file and access your email, matters and documents in SharePoint, iManage Work®, HighQ collaborate, File Shares and other content repositories via Outlook.

Currently affinity supports integration with:


Matter Management with SharePoint

custodian for legal brings full Legal Matter Management to SharePoint and Office 365 by enabling your SharePoint document management system for case and matter management.

  • Templates can be created for different types of matters, providing folder structures and metadata based on the type of matter being created.
  • Matters can be provisioned within SharePoint and automatically distributed to appropriate users directly within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Users can easily interact with matter information alongside their email from Outlook.
  • Matter information is stored securely within the SharePoint document management system with the structure, properties and permissions appropriate for the type of matter.
  • Remote users benefit from continuous, uninterrupted access to matter information using the seamless offline functionality provided in the solution.

custodian exploits the standard SharePoint capabilities for document properties, workflow, policy and document retention to provide a comprehensive solution for Matter Management.

Repstor affinityTM

affinity provides users with a common way to access SharePoint, or other repository content, giving easy access via the Microsoft Outlook UI.

  • Intuitive and seamless access to SharePoint, iManage Work®, HighQ Collaborate and other content systems from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Easy email management with native integration between Outlook and your content system
  • NO impact on Outlook performance
  • Facilitated filing on and offline


Repstor assistTM

There are few users who have a greater need for efficient filing than legal professionals, with multiple cases running concurrently, just locating the correct filing location can be a time consuming exercise. Repstor provides solutions for filing that enable users to quickly locate the correct location so that they can file content accurately and efficiently, resulting in effectively collaborating on Matters or Cases. Repstor assist will suggest locations for incoming and outgoing email based on text analytics that learn the information associated with each matter, and where new information should be filed.

Repstor’s legal solutions means content management is easy and familiar for users without any need for significant change management. Users can continue with their way of working, maintaining access to their content while ensuring that matter and other content is securely filed in SharePoint or chosen repository and can be effectively shared with colleagues.