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Crown Commerical ServicesECM Adoption in Government

When it comes to Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Government departments have a pressing need as huge volumes of unstructured content is generated on a daily basis.

Since the early 2000’s Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) systems have been deployed across the vast majority of Central and Local Government administrative organizations. This was to ensure that those organizations capture and maintain records of their activities in order to meet regulatory requirements and directives.

In many cases, both early and more recent, attempts at deploying systems have had very limited success or completely failed. Why is this? Research shows that the primary reason for lack of success is limited user adoption.

Why do users fail to Adopt?

Mostly organizations have not given enough attention to the users. They assumed that users would change their habits simply by providing a new system and publishing some policy with the organization accruing the compliance, control and productivity that was the rationale for deploying new systems in the first place.

From the user perspective, the new systems have typically meant unfamiliar(and in many cases awkward) new interfaces and ways of working, and often poorer performance in basic things such as search and accessing files when compared with the File Shares and similar technologies used previously. In practice this has meant that users look for and find ways to work around the systems creating new silos of information making the situation worse rather than better.

To address these issues some organizations have put in place large scale change management projects with some success, However changing the users’ way of working isn’t easy, is expensive and is often only a temporary measure. As one individual said of ECM and Enterprise Social Use Cases “you use them for two weeks and then go back to using email” which, while it may not be true for the motivated users, it is very true for the broad majority.

Repstor Inspired Adoption

As part of an ECM deployment Repstor products and solutions add the secret sauce that is user adoption.

By adding the needed ECM capabilities to Microsoft® Outlook® in a native way and ensuring high performance access to content, Repstor’s government solutions enable users to continue using their preferred tool for managing information and way of working while ensuring content is filed correctly in the ECM systems that control policy and security.

This avoids much of the change control, training and policy enforcement required where tools are new, unfamiliar, often perform poorly and are too complex for the general end user.

Making Best Practice Common Practice

Not only does Repstor ensure content is easily added but it also can ensure it is correctly filed by allowing organizations to exploit the good filing carried out by their best staff, with Repstor assistTM.

Summary – Repstor in Government

Repstor’s government solutions help government organizations successfully exploit ECM systems by inspiring user adoption.

By making user and organizational content available within the Microsoft Outlook UI and providing filing assistance to bring best practice filing to all of your users, we allow users to comply with policy while being more efficient in using and managing their content.