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Supporting Remote & Mobile Information Workers

Key information workers within corporate organizations are spending an increasing proportion of their time mobile or working remotely. For many organizations this means information is stored centrally with users in remote sites frequently accessing this information via wide area networks.

Repstor’s unique approach removes the need for users to connect to the network in order to add, view and update email and other content within their content management systems. The content is available directly from the familiar Microsoft® Outlook® interface and uses synchronizations similar to the Outlook caching mechanism.

Benefits of Repstor’s solution include:

  • Content Synchronization to Outlook: Existing content is immediately available so that knowledge workers can find and use it whether on or offline. Content sources from multiple systems can be individually or centrally configured and managed to ensure users see important content.
  • Update of content and metadata while offline: Add or update content, or metadata, at any time whether on or offline. New/changed content and metadata will be synchronized on reconnection to the network.
  • Exploits Outlook search and advanced search features: Utilize the familiar Outlook search capability to search for content and metadata quickly and easily.
  • File content while offline: File emails and other content while offline/travelling/disconnected next time the network is available the filed content will be added to the target location.
  • Queue emails to Send and File while offline: Complete emails, and select a filing location while offline. Content will be sent and filed in the correct location on connection to the network with no additional action required. (need to indicate picture is clickable)
  • Full conflict resolution:
    • Allows multiple users to work on documents while offline knowing that any conflicts with other users can be easily managed.
    • Supports multiple systems, and multiple content locations.
    • Automatically synchronizes all of the content needed from different systems and locations in systems for use while remote/disconnected.
    • New and updated content is flagged on synchronization.
    • Instantly see via the familiar Outlook new message indication what content has changed

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