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Easier collaboration and improved project management in Microsoft® SharePoint®.

It’s the end of a long week and just as you’re about to download that important document that you need to update from Microsoft SharePoint, the network disappears because you’re on a train…… now you’ll have to do it when you get home, there’s no other option. This and a hundred similar scenarios can slow you down or ruin the precious weekends and evenings. The solution? A 30 second install of Repstor affinityTM resulting in you having all key information to hand while online and offline. Repstor’s Project Management solutions give you the ability to manage email and documents easily in Microsoft SharePoint from within Microsoft Outlook® so that Project Managers can use the tools most familiar to them on a daily basis. Our solutions add full offline working while taking advantage of the key capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint such as version control, metadata management and list management while never leaving the Microsoft Outlook user interface and way of working. Key Benefits:

  • Removes barriers to use by providing access via the most familiar desktop application – Microsoft Outlook
  • Provides on and offline access to content and allows working and filing at the users convenience
  • Increases contribution and collaboration from users by making it easy to add content and email via the Microsoft Outlook User Interface
  • Keeps users connected to the content and context of the content that they contribute
  • Makes it easy for users to quickly find what they need by exploiting Microsoft Outlook native search capabilities
  • Ensures users have the latest versions of content such as policy and best practice
  • Makes key list content such as tasks, issues and deliverables available on and offline
  • Makes filing faster and easier with no waiting for uploads or downloads
  • Automatically extracts email metadata to support searching
  • Creates, views and edits documents remotely while on or offline
  • Enhances collaboration and content management across geographically disperse sites by providing quick easy access to content and notification of changes
  • Works even when offline and negates the impact of slow networks

Quotes from some of our Project Manager customers:

“I have been using Repstor affinity for about 2 weeks and already find it really useful. It saves me a lot of time when trying to locate documents and attachments in SharePoint and maintains my Outlook folders in a more organized and structured manner.”


“I showed it to my boss this morning after spending a small amount of time getting everything configured, and he fell in love with it.”

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