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Helping Users Collaborate Efficiently.

Repstor helps users collaborate efficiently by delivering seamless, on and offline access within the familiar Microsoft® Outlook® interface.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most familiar and intuitive applications available to users. It is the one application users access on a daily basis, and has become the natural way for users to collaborate and share information. By extending the Outlook functionality beyond email and providing access to content systems in the same familiar and intuitive way Repstor’s Email Management solution enables users to seamlessly manage their email for compliance and encourages more collaborative working. Users can view, add and update content in Microsoft SharePoint® and File shares directly from the Outlook interface. The ease with which users can do this allows important email content to be effectively managed from a records management perspective as well as changing email content from a personal resource into corporate assets.

Repstor’s Email Management solution highlights:

  • Seamless Integration with Outlook: unlike other solutions that provide content-system-in-a-window integration, affinity is fully embedded into Outlook.
    • Users can view content from the content system in Outlook views; with the content itself displayed using the Outlook preview mechanism.
    • Users can search using Outlook search, can forward and reply to information synchronized with the content system – and property and content access is provided within the familiar Outlook interface.
    • By providing a seamless experience, user training is minimized, driving user adoption of the content system.

Screenshot of Affinity Features

  • Leverages a wide array of Outlook functionality: Our deep integration with Outlook means that the advanced Outlook functionality is available to exploit with content synchronized by any of the Repstor products.
  • Effective Collaboration: Outlook is the natural application for collaboration. Users get notified when new email arrives, and can respond to changes. We build on this capability. New content added or updated by other users to any of the synchronized content repositories is automatically displayed. The user is notified through Outlook’s “unread email” mechanism.
  • Easy addition of content: Users can drag and drop email from their Outlook inbox directly into their content repository. Easy addition of other documents is possible either through drag and drop or a menu. Standard Outlook rules can be used to automatically add content to any repository.
  • Full offline functionality: All user interaction with the content system is independent of the network – users can add, update and view content with or without a network connection. Changes will be synchronized when the network becomes available again. Users at dispersed locations can now collaborate without frustrating network delays.
  • Central Control: For organizations using affinity as part of an overall collaboration solution, the content areas a user sees can be configured centrally. This enables users to access relevant content at all times. They will be notified of changes to the content, and can add and update content. When they no longer need access to this content, the content area can be automatically removed from their Outlook view.

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