Facilitated Filing for Compliance

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Getting Content Filed Correctly.

Organizations with compliance needs rely on getting the right content filed in the correct location with an accurate and complete set of supporting metadata. The metadata is important since in almost all compliance scenarios this is what defines the policy for the content, including ensuring that security, retention and disposition policies are applied.

The challenge for many organizations is that fileplans, folders, site and other structures can be large and difficult to navigate, with users not always being entirely sure where to file their content.

You can help solve this challenge by connecting users to their own set of locations which is tailored to their role and then providing fast, familiar and intuitive ways to select and file content while identifying the correct location and automatically assigning relevant metadata.

Where users are engaged in complex activities based around matters, projects, or customer engagements with large numbers of individual cases being managed, facilitated filing is hugely important both for accuracy and productivity. PMO’s (Project Management Offices) for instance in large organizations may oversee hundreds of projects, legal assistants hundreds of matters and contract management thousands of engagements, all of which provide a huge filing challenge to ensure the right content ends up in the correct location and with the correct metadata. These are the sorts of environments where Repstor affinityTM and assistTM provide huge accuracy and productivity improvements.

affinityTM and assistTM

Repstor affinity and assist make filing and retrieval a much more accurate and less time consuming activity, enhancing compliance to the filing policies. By exploiting the metadata model of the ECM system (e.g. Microsoft® SharePoint®) to set and/or capture metadata values metadata outcomes are also improved.

Occasional filers who are less familiar with the systems can benefit from the knowledge of colleagues working on the same projects and activities, since filing locations are suggested based on content that has already been filed, raising the standards of filing accuracy across all users.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures that users can intuitively and quickly file content
  • Improves filing accuracy so that content is managed correctly and according to policy
  • Keeps users connected to the context of the content that they contribute removing barriers to adoption
  • Makes filing faster and easier with no waiting for uploads or downloads
  • Provides on and offline access to content and enables working and filing at the users convenience
  • Makes it easy for users to quickly locate content within the system
  • Automatically extracts email metadata to support searching
  • Filing works even when offline and negates the impact of slow networks