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Six reasons your ECM project is like a Scary Movie

  • Everyone will be enthusiastic at the beginning, but when the going gets tough, you look around and all your friends have gone.
  • Become Dracula. Start a migration from your old system before the new system goes live. You’ll never see daylight again.
  • An ECM system without users can be a cold, dark, empty place.
  • Multiple systems, too many interfaces, lots of add-on products, you’ve created a monster!
  • The plans around the new system go well, but when the zombie hordes arrive chaos ensues.
  • You can try to cross your fingers and hope for the best.  Crossing your fingers does not make a successful project.


This Halloween, avoid ECM Project scariness with Repstor.

Check out our whitepaper, The Road to ECM Hell is paved with good intentions.