Global top 40 law firm deploys Repstor custodian for legal™ to deliver matter management on Microsoft 0ffice 365

Eversheds Sutherland is one of the world’s leading international law firms. It brings together 2,300 legal professionals to provide legal services coordinated from 61 offices in 29 countries.
The firm’s international prestige relies on the ability to assemble the best legal professionals and subject experts for the matter in hand, wherever they may be located. For each fee-earner to work efficiently, he or she must be able to access and share case documentation readily across locations.

This is especially true for Eversheds Sutherlands’ UK-based Ignite team which brings together experts dynamically for fast-turnover legal work. This is an important and growing area of the business. Due to the short turnaround times, service levels (SLAs) for this type of work are closely measured.
“We need the best people in our network to be able to be fully productive and empowered with everything they need wherever they are,” explains Graham Richardson, a partner at the firm. This has presented some practical challenges however. “Traditional document management is very location-specific, relying on servers based in particular offices,” he notes.
Exploiting Office 365 for matter management.

At the British Legal Technology Forum in May 2016, Eversheds Sutherland’s UK IT team met Microsoft Gold partner Repstor. The company specialises in matter and email management solutions that work natively within Microsoft Office, Office 365 and SharePoint.

“They certainly got my attention,” says Dale Bradbury, Eversheds Sutherlands’ head of applications in the UK. “I had worked successfully with SharePoint in previous organisations and seen it develop as a platform over the years, but for matter management it was missing some key usability and interface features that were holding it back. Repstor had identified and filled those gaps! This is particularly true when taken in context with the broader Office 365 platform.”

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