Making the most of your Dynamics CRM and SharePoint/Office365 investments

Improve user adoption, sharing and return on your investment

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Outlook and SharePoint Integration for Dynamics CRM

Repstor CRM solutions add document and email management capabilities that makes filing CRM-related content an intuitive part of users’ day to day activities. Our solutions ensure that important customer and project records are secured and shared, while giving users rapid access to CRM email and documents and the relevant areas of the CRM web client.

Repstor for Dynamics CRM solutions improve adoption, sharing and ROI

  • Makes filing CRM-related content easy, fast and efficient.
  • Improves user adoption to ensure content is shared and secured.
  • Provides easy access to the relevant CRM entities from Outlook.
  • Appropriately secures filed content.
  • Drives and exploits collaborative capabilities of SharePoint.
  • Provisions appropriate SharePoint structures and security.
  • Works for Dynamics 365 or On-Premise.
  • And all with no impact on Outlook performance or stability.


Enjoy all the benefits of the Repstor affinity™ and assist™ clients and custodian™ provisioning combined with Dynamics CRM

By adding the Repstor affinity™ CRM plug in Outlook and the Repstor custodian™ CRM Plug in to Dynamics CRM, all the benefits of user adoption, better filing, and rich provisioning of SharePoint are available for your Dynamics CRM deployment.

Users get easy access to the Dynamics CRM web client from the Outlook client. They can easily file emails which also creates the associated activities in Dynamics CRM.

When entities are created in CRM, appropriate SharePoint sites, libraries or folders can be created with the appropriate structure, properties and security. The efficiency of the affinity™™ client means no impact on Outlook performance, and with assist™ the filing of content for CRM-related activities is seamless and accurate.

Enliven your Dynamics CRM deployment with document and email management from Repstor for Dynamics CRM and 365.


Debra Jones, Project Manager

“Repstor affinity is a key part of our Office 365 deployment. Its quick deployment and ease of use has meant that users have adopted the system without the need for any special training.”

Tom Edgar, Head of Consultancy

“We chose Repstor affinity because it provided a level of product integration, ease of use and performance that we didn’t see elsewhere.”

John Murray, Head of Legal

“Using Repstor affinity has been a revelation for us in the Legal department at KANA. I use the product myself on a daily basis and find it incredibly easy and intuitive to use.”