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SharePoint Case Management

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Repstor custodian™ provides your users with a secure case and email manager for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint. An intuitive SharePoint Case Management tool.

Custodian manages and protects your case and email information within Office 365 by extending the capabilities of SharePoint to help you easily manage cases. Secure and familiar case management tools are provided within Office 365 and are accessible from Microsoft Outlook. Users can use SharePoint sites and lists to store case content. You can apply structure, metadata, workflow processes and policy to each case type easily and consistently.

Organizations can now leverage Cloud technology to manage cases while enjoying increased user productivity. Here’s how with custodian

  • Builds case templates for different case types to provide the building blocks required for each new case.
  • Configures the structure of each case, by mapping to SharePoint sites, lists and folders.
  • Adds custom content types, document templates and metadata to cases and cases folders.
  • Associates unique workflows with each type of case or document and targets different cases at different groups of users, and relevant parties.
  • Sets policy and retention for each case or case type.
  • Provides email management and filing assistance through Repstor affinity and assist.

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SharePoint case management
SharePoint case management

Repstor custodian is suitable for many different case scenarios whether departmental or enterprise-wide

Flexible templates, easy provisioning of cases and the ability to expose case documents in Outlook within a high performance client means that organizations can use custodian to deliver easy SharePoint case management that users will adopt and embrace.

  • HR Departments (Case Management).
  • Legal Departments (Matter & Case Management).
  • Sales Departments (Oppportunity Management).
  • Commercial Departments.
  • Logistics Management.
  • PMO and IT (Project Document Management).
  • Engagement Management in Professional Services.
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Debra Jones, Project Manager

“Repstor affinity is a key part of our Office 365 deployment. Its quick deployment and ease of use has meant that users have adopted the system without the need for any special training.”

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Tom Edgar, Head of Consultancy

“We chose Repstor affinity because it provided a level of product integration, ease of use and performance that we didn’t see elsewhere.”

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John Murray, Head of Legal

“Using Repstor affinity has been a revelation for us in the Legal department at KANA. I use the product myself on a daily basis and find it incredibly easy and intuitive to use.”