Intuitive Matter Management with SharePoint®

Repstor custodianTM for legal extends the powerful document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 to provide full matter management for legal and professional service organizations.

Custodian enables Office 365 to be used as a complete matter management system by bringing legal case management and email management capabilities directly within Office 365. Use SharePoint sites and lists to store matter content. Apply structure, metadata, workflow processes and policy to each matter type easily and consistently.


Creating a Matter from a Template

Matter content is made available to all users through Outlook or the web.

Repstor custodian provides the following benefits:

  • Viewing a MatterBuild matter templates for different matter types to provide the building blocks required for each new matter
  • Configure the structure of each matter, by mapping to SharePoint sites, lists and folders
  • Add custom content types, document templates and metadata to matters and matter folders
  • Associate unique workflows with each type of matter or document
  • Target different matters at different groups of users, interested parties and following users
  • Set policy and retention for each matter or matter type
  • Email management and filing assistance provided through Repstor affinity and assist.
  • Deliver actionable matter content directly to appropriate users through the Outlook interface.
  • Allow users to locate matters and matter folders easily and file content quickly and accurately within Outlook or using SharePoint
  • Provide offline access so users can continue to access matters and content regardless of the network availability.
  • Allow users to file as they go without interrupting their normal work.
  • Enable collaboration securely both internally and externally to the organization.
  • Allow bulk addition of matter content by drag and drop or import complete folder structures and make them available.

Legal practices and departments can now leverage Cloud technology to manage matters and other key content while allowing users to increase their productivity by working within the familiar Outlook Client.

Download our custodian for legal brochure to learn more.