Exploits, Provisions, Files

Repstor custodian turns SharePoint® into an effective case document management system to help organizations gain rapid ROI from SharePoint and Office 365® investments.

With custodian, organizations can quickly configure case document management solutions reflecting the needs of departments or enterprise wide applications. No customization of SharePoint is required, and the results can be surfaced in Outlook® to promote adoption.

Exploits Office 365 or SharePoint On-Premise

  • Exploits the APP model to deliver functionality without customization
  • Utilizes Office 365 or SharePoint on-premise to provide the content repository and exploits Microsoft Office clients to make case document management a familiar experience for users
  • Exploits Microsoft SharePoint version management and other document management features including content types, metadata, managed metadata and many others.


Maintains the Outlook way of working

  • Users access their content directly in Outlook
  • Full offline working is provided as default


Case IDs, Naming and Filing Structures

  • Cases are deployed in a consistent manner with automatically generated structures based on configuration
  • Automated Case ID generation
  • Flexible configuration and naming of case structures in Outlook hierarchy


Client Sites

  • The system can be configured to add Client (or other aggregation name) sites so that cases are stored in logical structures.


Case Templates

  • Flexible use of lists or sites to meet different case provisioning needs
  • Administrators can configure specific templates for specific matter, engagement or other types of case based working
  • Case structures can be applied to SharePoint Sites or Lists to support specific scenarios.
  • Pre-defined content can be added so that as cases are created the relevant pre-requisite documents are provisioned at in parallel
  • Full support of metadata at a case or document level
  • Support of SharePoint Templates
  • Terminology can be configured to meet different scenarios
  • SharePoint Site or List based templates


Case Provisioning

  • Cases can be provisioned:
    • by authorized users or provisioning may be driven by external systems via the custodian REST API
    • based on any number of template case types defined by the administrator using the custodian APP
    • directly from the Repstor menus within Outlook.


Case Selection

  • Users can easily choose which cases they want to be available in Outlook from the APP – this is available from the Outlook Menu


Filing for Case Management

  • Users can quickly and easily file case email and other content (including attachments, Office files, email and other content)
    • drag and drop from Outlook (email/attachments/from desktop/other case content)
    • Quick File with assist (fast location of case filing locations)
    • Add documents of specific content types using Windows® Explorer®
  • Suggested filing locations are provided to users when filing
  • Rules can be generated against any existing Outlook hierarchy, including existing categorised email and Repstor custodian synchronized content (SharePoint/Other ECM systems, File Shares/Microsoft® SkyDrive®)