CRM Link


The Dynamics CRM and ECM connector for Office 365

Repstor CRM LinkTM provides users with a secure and fast link to Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and SharePoint® (or other ECM Systems) from within Microsoft® Outlook®.

CRM Link* enables users to access documents and emails related to customer information and correspondence directly within Microsoft Outlook. Users can also associate new incoming and outgoing emails quickly and easily to Dynamics CRM records and access associated CRM information and documents. CRM Link is provided directly within Microsoft Outlook without affecting the performance of Outlook.

Tracking customer related activities and capturing all client content such as emails, documents, marketing or sales activities and external correspondence can be a time consuming and largely manual task. Users often delay the task of filing information or indeed overlook the need to save and share this information altogether. CRM systems are left with incomplete information resulting in both the organization and team members being unable to access an accurate and up-to-date client profile. Repstor CRM Link helps address these issues by providing a client management tool that is integrated into Outlook and accessible from the Outlook interface, the place users prefer to work. CRM Link encourages users to update systems and file information ‘as they go’.

If CRM Link is used in conjunction with Repstor affinity and custodian, users can associate CRM records or entities with SharePoint Sites and Libraries (and other ECM information). SharePoint Sites and Libraries can be automatically provisioned based on the creation of CRM Records. Organizational information is shared between the user’s Outlook, Dynamics CRM and ECM systems cutting down on the need for users to manually update each system.

Repstor CRM Link provides the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Shows CRM related documents in Outlook
  • No impact on Outlook performance
  • Utilizes Repstor Provisioning Engine for flexible provisioning of SharePoint to support CRM Objects
  • Works with CRM on-line or on-premise

Users are provided with an easy-to-use client management tool that is accessed directly from Microsoft Outlook. Users can update information on clients in Dynamics CRM and SharePoint or other ECM repositories easily and quickly without ever leaving the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface and without having to copy submissions across systems. This saves time for the user and avoids the need to update separate systems manually. Users are encouraged to keep all client information up-to-date. With accurate information available easily, the productivity of all team members increases.

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* CRM Link was developed in collaboration with CompanyNet, a Repstor Partner.