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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) for Microsoft®.

Repstor’s products ensure the success of your Microsoft ECM project by providing access to information across systems from within the familiar Microsoft Outlook® User Interface, addressing a key issue of user adoption. This enables users to easily contribute and file content meeting compliance and collaboration requirements.

Microsoft Gold Partner - Collaboration and Content



Repstor is a Microsoft Gold partner and has designed its products from the ground up to fully exploit Microsoft’s technology and the Microsoft suite of products.

The Repstor affinityTM product deploys natively within the Microsoft Outlook environment, and connects seamlessly to one or more Microsoft SharePoint® or Microsoft Project Server systems. By being native within the Outlook client, affinity avoids the performance issues, and user experience issues common within similar products. affinity connects with the SharePoint system using the standard remote APIs as the client user. No changes are required within the SharePoint system. This avoids deployment complexity, and ensures that affinity can be part of the processes and lifecycle management of the overall ECM solution. The organization can continue to build on the standard SharePoint technologies ensuring a comprehensive, tailored ECM system, while relying on affinity to provide easy access to that system for end-users.

Central control allows the organization to decide exactly what content should be available to whom at any particular time. Users can then access the system, add, update and organize content whether on or offline.

The Repstor assistTM product works in combination with the Microsoft ECM products to provide assisted filing of content and emails, removing the burden from users having to decide where and how to file new information.

Cloud Ready

Because the affinity product is a completely client-side product, it can work as part of any cloud-based SharePoint system. Repstor affinity is fully supported within an Office 365 solution, providing the additional benefits of full offline, network independent access to the hosted SharePoint solution.

Part of your Microsoft infrastructure

By leveraging your investment in Microsoft, Repstor’s products enable content management and ECM to become transparent to the end users, so that little or no additional action is required by them for the organization to obtain the benefits of ECM adoption. This means there is minimal training required with no disruption to the daily routines of the end-user.