Key Benefits


Your path to ECM Adoption

Information within organizations must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals. Central to this strategy are the tools and technologies of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which manage the complete lifecycle of content.

Successful adoption of ECM tools will make your organization more efficient, productive and responsive while reducing the cost of doing business and are fundamental to the long term success of your organization.

Using Repstor’s intuitive Microsoft® Outlook® collaboration software you can create an organization that streamlines management of its content, maximising how that content is used. Our products, Repstor affinityTM and Repstor assistTM, enable you to adopt successfully, minimize change and work in a familiar way.

By choosing Repstor for ECM adoption, you gain the following:

  • Enabling the benefits of your ECM System

There are substantial benefits to successfully implementing an ECM system.  However, over 50% of ECM deployments end in failure, and many companies end up with departmental solutions, or empty content systems.  Our customers tell us that by deploying Repstor affinity as part of their ECM solution they see an uptake in user adoption resulting in an increase in the successful deployment of their ECM system.

  • Lower business costs, increased efficiency and productivity

When developing our products we are passionate about reducing the complexity of managing information, while exploiting best practice and giving knowledge workers the convenience of working when and where they want, online and offline.  Using Repstor products reduces inefficiencies in organizations and eliminates large elements of change management, letting you make better use of your people and systems, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Increased user adoption and adaptability

Repstor products ensure adoption of ECM systems such as Microsoft SharePoint by providing optimised access to information across systems from within the Microsoft Outlook User Interface.

  • Improved collaboration

Through our deep integration of ECM technologies like Microsoft SharePoint from within Microsoft Outlook we help you and your colleagues work together seamlessly, sharing knowledge and contributing to shared goals.

  • Ease-of-Use

Our products are intuitive and familiar. Repstor affinity extends the functionality of Outlook to provide access to properties, the addition and update of content with full versioning, and easy filing in complex hierarchies.  This functionality is combined with all the great, familiar functionality of Outlook. Familiarity is key to maintaining user confidence – and key to ensuring the wide adoption of your Microsoft SharePoint or content system.

  • Meeting Compliance Requirements

Repstor helps organizations embed the discipline of ensuring that less structured information is properly tagged, filed and shared without having to implement large change management programs.  It does this by exploiting Outlook as the most familiar working environment for users and utilising existing back-end systems for the management of documents, files and email to ensure that corporate records are captured and shared as they are generated.

To learn more about our flagship product, download the Repstor affinity brochure or contact us for a demonstration.