File, collaborate, utilize.

Repstor assistTM makes life easy for users who file a lot of emails into Microsoft® SharePoint® and other repositories.

assist takes advantage of the consistent filing from your most conscientious filers, and uses that knowledge to provide best-practice filing to all your users.

  • Assisted filing for all users
  • Instant suggestions on where to file an email
  • One-click filing of email in suggested locations
  • Targeting suggestions based on specific filing locations used by individual users
  • Suggested filing based on best-practice filing within a shared location
  • Ability for users to override suggestions to file exceptional information elsewhere
  • Optimized suggestions – ideal for emails with or without attachments

The assist technology is designed from the ground up to be the most efficient categorization technology possible for content containing text such as office documents and pdf’s. It is quick to train and quick to categorize, ensuring that the filing process is kept efficient for all users.

As well as dealing with documents of various formats, the assist technology is highly optimized to address email content (including attachments). Email is a unique type of content – it can be brief, and have limited context. Context can include out-of-date information like subject lines reused from previous conversations. The assist technology takes all this into consideration – providing the most optimized suggestions possible based on all the information available.

Download the Repstor assist Brochure to learn more…