Facilitated FILING for enterprises.

Making sure that documents, correspondence and other content is filed appropriately is a challenge throughout all large enterprises. It is almost always a result of individual user’s habits and practices how well organized and up-to-date the project information is kept – despite organizational policy or incentives.

For some users it is just a natural and consistent part of their activity, with information filed centrally for shared access. For others it is a task that builds up, and is completed at intervals with varying quality. Worse still, some users hoard information to ensure they have access when they need it but with little regard to others who also have a need for that information to be easily accessible. This is particularly true for project oriented organizations and Project Management Office (PMO) activities.

What if you could take the best practice from those individuals that share and file their information consistently and make this available to others while also keeping information accessible when offline or with slow or unreliable networks?

Repstor assistTM provides the user with full offline filing capability that keeps the filed content fully available while on or offline. It also provides assisted filing to users by taking best practice filing and using this to suggest the most suitable location for new content.

With Repstor assist enterprises can expect:

  • All filing activities to adhere to policy
  • Filing of important Content to be completed earlier
  • Content to be shared more consistently making audit and review easier
  • Wider adoption of best practice filing
  • Staff to have access to all of the information they need to complete project tasks in the most effective manner.

Users can expect :

  • To complete their filing more quickly
  • Do their filing at a time and place that is convenient for them
  • To gain access to all of the Content they need earlier and more easily
  • To share information easily while retaining full access to it and avoiding duplication of content
  • To be more productive

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