What’s new in Repstor affinity 3.0

Repstor affinity 3.0 – the Content Management tool for Office® 365 introduces Explorer® integration with Repstor driveTM.

This release further extends affinity’s deep integration with Office 365 and other ECM repositories consolidating the position of affinity as the most intuitive product providing native integration with Microsoft® Outlook® for giving easy access to content repositories. We continue to deliver enterprise ECM user adoption by providing users with access to tools from where they prefer to do their work.

Repstor affinity 3.0 adds new repository support for HighQ Collaborate and Meridio® ECM repositories along with the existing SharePoint®, OneDrive®, HP Records Manager/TRIM® and File Share support. Access to Repstor affinity folders and content is now also possible using the file system through the Repstor drive product. This enables users to save from any Windows® application directly into Repstor affinity.

There are many changes in this release. Particular features of note include:

Extending Repstor and Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Users get seamless access to their content repositories both on and offline without leaving the Outlook interface, regardless of what document repository it is saved in, meaning they can collaborate easily with colleagues. The affinity 3.0 release delivers enhanced email and content management by providing deeper integration with Office 365 and the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint products. In affinity 3.0 Repstor has provided a new Compare Word Documents content menu which compares the contents of two affinity documents in Word.

Users can also convert documents accessed from affinity to Adobe PDF directly from the Microsoft Outlook application. This can be used to provide a published copy of documents – removing custom properties and other hidden metadata as part of the conversion. 3.0 also improves property support for managed metadata and user and group properties (allowing auto-complete for these property types both on and offline).

New Repstor drive Module

Repstor focuses on giving users the choice to manage their content and access their documents via the application of their choice. With affinity 3.0, Repstor delivers a new Repstor driveTM module which enables users to access and save content via Windows Explorer.

Additional HighQ Collaborate and Meridio ECM Repository Support

Repstor affinity leads the ECM market with its extensive integration to multiple repositories. At every release of the affinity product Repstor aims to extend this support. Affinity 3.0 provides Outlook integration and support for the HighQ Collaborate product which is largely used as a collaboration tool for legal companies and also the Meridio ECM repository, providing users with the ability to store and access content in multiple repositories. Existing repository support has also been improved by providing property synchronization for HP TRIM®/RM8 repositories and the performance of File Share and other repositories has been enhanced.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these new features please contact Repstor Support.