Natural, familiar, intuitive.

Truly Seamless Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®.

affinity is designed to allow users familiar with Outlook to manage all of their content sources from within Outlook.

We ensure that the actions users naturally do within Outlook to move, copy, open and manage email are applied to other types of content. The Outlook menu remains virtually unchanged, providing users with a familiar working environment and experience.

  • Access and update multi-located Microsoft SharePoint and File share content in Outlook
  • SharePoint (lists/libraries/folders), Fileshare and other Content displayed in Outlook Folders
  • Easily Filing of email, attachments and other content
  • Duplicate email detection
  • Full offline access with addition, update and editing.
  • Utilize the Microsoft Outlook Preview Pane
  • Keep favorite folders easily accessible
  • Search for content
    • Searching across documents and emails
    • Term highlighting
    • Property searches
    • Saved/Recent searches
  • Exploit Microsoft SharePoint metadata
  • Highlight new/updated content using unread notifications and search
  • Show as Conversations – maintain context for email content, including filed emails (Inbox conversations, show filed emails)
  • Folder creation – add folders when needed
  • Bring together content from File shares and/or Microsoft SharePoint including SharePoint lists from multiple SharePoint systems
  • Send or Copy Links allows you to avoid sending large attachments via email
  • Central control to push project content automatically to relevant teams/ users/groups
  • Group content in virtual folders
  • Utilize the Microsoft Outlook Quick Step and rules functionality
  • SharePoint properties in Outlook columns and views
  • Bulk update of properties
  • Fully supports Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2007- 2013 and Outlook 2007-2013.