Repstor’s products have been designed to enable the successful adoption of content management systems within organizations.

When developing our products we ensure that they reduce the complexity of managing information and that we give users the convenience of working when and where they want, online and offline.

affinity provides uninterrupted access to content repositories through the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

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Our flagship software product, Repstor affinity, provides a collaboration environment between your ECM system and Microsoft Outlook enabling greater adoption of your ECM system. Repstor believes that the successful deployment of ECM systems is about user acceptance and adoption. affinity provides access to your ECM system seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook for viewing, adding and editing content whether connected to a network or not. Learn more by downloading our affinity product brochure.

assist provides facilitated filing for all users by suggesting the most suitable location for new content based on best practice filing.

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Repstor assist facilitates filing for enterprises by taking best practice filing and using this to suggest the most suitable location to file any specific project content. As an organization you can take the best practice from those individuals that share and file their information consistently and make this available to others throughout the organization. This process is also entirely achievable when offline or with slow or unreliable networks. Download our assist brochure for more detail.

By making access to content systems easy and intuitive for users, we overcome the main cause of failed deployments of ECM systems - failure of users to adopt the system. We help users adopt new content systems without any need for them to learn new ways of working.