User Training – Not Required

Repstor affinityTM and assistTM utilize the familiar user interface of Microsoft® Outlook®, users familiar with Outlook require no training in order to exploit the vast majority of the features in these products.

Our products are designed to deploy with minimum disruption but adding maximum productivity impact. Users can typically use the product straight away with more advanced features requiring only a few seconds to assimilate their use.

The products add some new concepts such as Quick File and Jump to Folder that do “just what they say on the tin”. The menus are contextual ensuring users are presented with only the appropriate functionality (e.g. open and view are available when Repstor folders are open but not for the standard Outlook folders).

User documentation is included for users who require more detail and in addition short video training of specific functions is available on request for internal use by customers.

Administration and Support Training

Administrative training and training for support personnel can be provided tailored to individual requirements.