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Six reasons your ECM project is like a Scary Movie


Everyone will be enthusiastic at the beginning, but when the going gets tough, you look around and all your friends have gone.

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Don’t miss out – apply to join our team today!


Repstor is currently recruiting for a number of graduate and placement student positions in software engineering roles. At Repstor we firmly believe that this commercial experience of working within a software development team will give you invaluable skills and experience. Hear what our current student on placement has to say.....

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custodian & Provisioning Engine Scalability


Repstor custodian and our Provisioning Engine are designed from the ground up to support very large deployments, with minimal performance impact on SharePoint. In other words, if your SharePoint environment can handle a million matters or cases, then so can Repstor custodian. Our browsing and search interfaces will continue to work flawlessly even under these tough conditions. How do we do that?

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SharePoint Provisioning Engine Checklist


The Repstor Provisioning Engine, which powers Repstor custodian, is available as a standalone SharePoint provisioning solution for customers who are either implementing a provisioning solution in Office 365/SharePoint Online, or replacing their existing feature-based on-premise provisioning solution with one based on the SharePoint Add-In Model (formerly, the App Model). In this post I'll summarize a few of the strengths of the Repstor provisioning engine.

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Natural Resources Wales: How to maximize Office 365 and unite your users

Unite users

Natural Resources Wales has benefited from easy filing, better collaboration and compliance in Office 365. Here is the solution they used to maximize Office 365 and unite their users...

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Repstor once again secures place on the G-Cloud 7 services agreement


If you are a public sector organization deploying SharePoint on Office 365 and have a requirement to manage and store emails with metadata in an easy, quick and complaint manner, then Repstor can provide you with a solution your users will love and that they can use without ever leaving their Outlook interface.

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Repstor affinity 3.0 – my 3 favorite features


You will see from our announcements that we’ve recently released the latest version of Repstor affinity and assist. There are over 50 new features within this release – but I’m going to highlight my 3 favorites here......

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The ECM system everyone already knows how to use (really!)


Deep down we all know that team collaboration is a good thing and in order for it to be successful we know that there is a need to accurately file work-related emails and documents. Makes sense, right? However we all lead busy lives and barely have enough hours in the day to do everything that we really need to get done - so when the boss says there is a new system getting deployed that will make our lives easier and help us with filing and team collaboration we smile and nod and agree, but really we are thinking “I don’t have time to learn any new systems!”.

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Outlook as your single point of access to your content universe

AIIM Talks About ...Outlook

We are all familiar with Microsoft® Outlook®. Mostly we find it simple and easy to use. Those of us who like to file our email just drag and drop our emails into the appropriate outlook folders. Easy! It’s usually the first thing we open when we arrive in work - and the last thing closed before home time. We use it to collaborate with colleagues and customers. So since we spend so much time in Outlook, wouldn’t it be ideal if all of the things we need for day-to-day work were accessible there?

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Staring you in the face….

outlook wp250

Last week Repstor sponsored an AIIM webinar presented by Doug Miles on using Outlook as your interface to access your document and case information. The webinar was entitled: The Best Way to Access Your Documents is Staring You in the Face – Outlook! Doug is a great speaker, and backed his words with some very compelling statistics from the AIIM research.

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